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WHAT does it mean when the Sun strikes a thought
within One’s Soul? This i ponder while i walk
the path called Life. What of the thousands of
screams, untold broken dreams and weeping expecting
mothers? Do you remember them? Your mother, sister,
brother or father perhaps forgot to say, “I love you”
or the county clown made you shed tears when you were

Today I am walking down a path as the Sun strikes into
my Soul; spits them out as words___.

:: 05.10.2020 ::

THE Swallowtail

And how like the slender breeze
she moves towards the sunlight
Drenching morning sweetness
from upon the limb of a tree;
“…a flitter-swaying like me!”
said the quizzical blue jay.
O! Adore the wilderness jewel
of black, yellow, and spots
of white; the Eastern Black
Swallowtail does surly excite!
The envy of the Kingdom Green
and the jealous sky rejoice
in bridal bliss-kissing life!

:: 05-02-2017 ::



i was there when you took your first breath
just a bundle of love and the mountains moved
and i forgot how hot the sun burned
i saw you take your first step and even
your dance anytime music played — we
held hands like soul-mates and now you are
the sun and i’m the jealous sky; my sweet
dearest daughter i’m missing you so
So she took her love and went forward into
the skies and felt an arm in her heart
one who says, “if you forget the sun within
it’s jealous skies, i’m here always for you”
And she felt as her hair came down: i am your
love and daddy — let’s forget the sun in it’s
jealous skies
i forget the sun within it’s jealous sky

:: 07-11-2015 ::


little flower keeping
sun lit
within a meadow bright
all of your life
you were waiting
for this moment
to arrive
and your petals follow
the clouds so light
little flower seeking
love all life
within a bee to live
pollinating your heart
across the fields of life
and the sun stays afloat
while you swing and sway
into the winds of this day
a little flower loving life
awaiting this moment to be
and love spreads you across
the fields of life

:: 03-01-2015 ::