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A merry-goes round
tipsy-turbulent turby
Oh Merry’s-go round more
and what are you waiting for?
Is it the rabbit you’re looking for
so far down the rabbit’s hole?
Me–but which book within the Universal
Library should I read? There are an infinite
number of books!
The Light–if you read just one of these books
then you’ve read them all!
Aaaaah oooooh i drift past the moment
with my deep head within the clouds
and zebras on tram trains singing with
undulating umbrellas//simply blown away\\

:: 08-19-2018 ::


I SEE that death crept by three hooves and a beat!
And as pregnant silence above violins stressed
strings–||dancing frets ~~~~~~~
A gnome drunk-walked scattering blackbirds
and distinctly wept by neon-lit billboards
of that glow in gleeful glamour
Of that painful spoken truth in stammer
and of fated-measured tears all consumed air
of sleepy fatigued wooden scents by
post-rain meltdown exhaustion it slept
in hungry love.

But the gnome cries;

“I’ve no reflection
to redeem & no toll
to troll by due of
coins upon my eyes!”

Come butterflies come to me!
Here by the side of a wayward soul
At the strike of three-three-three
save the moaning gnome /even now
the crickets sing \ as a praying
unbetraying Mantis plays an E-string
tuned to flat _. twelve times elves
dancing prancing striking frisking
while death breaks down
laughing darkness and survives
to play the flute once again!
:: ~ ::
Rev. 5.6.2017
eprobles (c)


MY friend of stature walked by
always dream-walking he is
I was leaning out my window
two stories high when I saw him
the giant beast who slumbers
I whistled for him and he turned
and a single step before me was he
his face as wide as double windows
and eyes as large as boulders
but gentle brown fawns in composure
I told him my problems and he sighed
and tears fell down his massive cheeks
I caught a few within my room
and nearly drowned from his passion
go gently my dear gentle giant
I walk with you along the dream path
and may never wish to visit this world again

:: 02-25-2014 ::


(c) ep robles 2012

All blood and flesh the cage
— a golden gate
cannot you see
that keeps some dreams at bay
— a border close
to pure fantasy
when the Keepers turn away
a dip or two from reality

:: 02-17-2014 ::


MY heart and lonely “I”
have only one wish
— before we die
such a confession
may sound so strange
but my obsession
— so unrestrained

I wish to swim with you
in the spring-well of love
I wish to swim with you
it would heal my wounds
And if I do decide to swim
across my bitter ocean
— it will be to reach
your land of pure honey

I wish to swim with you
…to swim…with you
With you…lovely you



what moments to dream when I see
that I know your soul beyond plain text
physicality breach empty space
unseen touch by soul-spirit embrace

it’s your heart that beats me
thrumming rhythmic-stroking

the genuine shadow-spark visit
fair-hearted pixie damsel dancing
(the dance upon my bed always) glowing
a drunken-lust confession suing me

the forest of your hair upon my tree
the death-kiss of love butterfly lips

what mornings come when dreams recede
darkness drains and gold-light grows
showing glint and sparkle fairy-dust
my patience thinly awaits the night again

:: 12-31-2013 ::


MY LOVE mere words
are empty shells
shrewn across sand
such castings color
sounds of ocean within
Doubt not these words
though empty shells

My life-light fills
each  constellation
Shed such tender skin
oh fear betrays such life!
what you see – what not
but life of yours greater!
Silently sing whales

Sing to me breeze so-easy
lullaby breath tear so tender
blue speaks ivory tenor
caps of white dance-sizzle
seventh wave passion-swells
Beneath waves and flotsam
jetsome golden crystal



DREAMY winter singing winds
— I hear their chorus tonight
As laughing tendril-finger snows
click and dance in dipping ice-flows
upon my furnace-spice lips
What B-flat notes are tripping
running — stripping
across key-minor hearts…
Oh, so vying are your spasms
— my destined lust-bombs
exploding fire
— blue and green
reflection across the frozen
river of our hearts…

Comes the ice
and mixing fire
into the cauldron
of our lives



DEAR visitor I ask that you never assume
based on visual evidence that you consume
my age what you see — biologically

I am still within and maybe more —
arrested development in societal terms
but within the soul I am much more so

To dream of simple-that is earmarked youth
amazed am I in all I see — clearly believe
in me — thrives the little-see wondrously

Arrest the thought and hang upon me-say
what you do is what you are and how you live
I dream and think and love and see and wish to be…

the little boy who wonders and sees
in fantastical terms of ordinary things
and kiss-be the lovely life he shares with we!



IF you wish to see such magic
that life can be —
cleary come with me!
I shall spin both you and me
— around and round
until such spin does us take
— oh does such spin take
to the center of CAPIZ
There you will note that nothing is
as it is within our world of here
And what you thought you clearly knew
— I blew away into yonder realm
lost within the-all of you!
So come with me and take a seat
— and look and see!
To CAPIZ is nothing more than belief
of magic and that of you and me!