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I ate a monster to-yester-night
ate the hospital in a daze under
surgical lights
where doctors(doctor?) never co-operate
for less than a buck (Ka-mal-a for less than a penny)
but your husband-cadaver bro
covid-spewing pimp lobster blew
it blew my balls so flew across your walls —
the doctor mocked and made way to ATM teller grabbing
all the woke dollars of moms and brothers // while she sipped
upon a straw calling all these mutha-fuckers
all these white cracker-monsters (yeah?  unless we cooperating)
make me wish to make a dip of KKK jelly to fuck all
those politicians (for once and all –//
 once these scents were all black and white and others
not so black and white : hell so they so \\\THEY jail’em
sail’em to other parts of insignificance like you like me
and tomorrow those with skin so blue next so follow me (controversy)
and it all smells like bullshit to me — today a new catastrophe
woke’a woke’a woke’a stupid brain you cannot
erase what you said on instagram now, tomorrow
or yesterday –> so remember/ dismember all these
roosting cocks laying bombastic hens in my coop.
>>>009897978 \broken eggs. infesting.  bleed.  do not mention me)
I throw down the upside of your short memory
So listen to me   telling
the poor they came come on over and leave’em
under a bridge in Del Rio — like Americans in the
middle of a BBQ hosted by Tailban hating women.
Monster?  Hello I’m monster too — Called AMERICAN
CITIZEN WATCH WHAT YOU DO while you operating and
we are now ovulating and fuck you old man.  

more than pencil — we disgusted.

:: 09.17.2021 ::