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THE world is on fire and Pisces has died.
“Pray for me” an old man pleads; his teeth are
missing and his dog is foaming at the mouth.

These are the dying days and no one to rescue
the world from thie cosmic ruin of a godless

I say hold me tight until i feel your dreams
and comfort your soul, my love.

As with all things, this too shall pass into the night
like the embers from our ruined cities.

Tomorrow may be the last, or a new day, the new
dream where all things are made new.

Unitl then, let us hold each other while the nightmare
savages the life from everything we once cherished.

And remember, I will always love you.

:: 08-02-2018 ::


the cries of the dead city burn
the air and i weep for the children
and dogs are running with muddy legs
while mothers howl for their babies
and the sun is falling down
while all the world’s flags fall
from the top of their poles
and today started out so beautiful
it must be the day of the dead
and my girl’s tall with hard eyes
she already knew today would come
so she threw me a kiss saying
‘we go to bed with these long legs
of mine’ and i begin to heave
and twine about me as a burning
limousine rolls by with no one
at the wheel. I think it’s the
end of the world as we know it.

:: 09-16-2015 ::