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if i were to kiss a mozart
how would i know genuis
from such lips
if i were to hug a picasso
how would i feel art
from such an embrace
i should look into
such eyes and see a score
and a canvas of beautiful
color chasing daffodils
across the snowy inner land
of my own soul
and if i try to understand
what they wish to say
to me perhaps i should
never know how leaping notes
and flaming flowers of blazing
light met me on wet dewed
morning days when i was ragged
And maybe i understand since
i’m one too with reflecting eyes
weathered faces lined in pain
and so now i understand how
all of you gave the world
all your spirit to grow
so we all suffer for our own
insanity and who ever listens
— perhaps none ever will.
:: 07-30-2015 ::