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Jazz Club

In the smoky jazz club at night,
I hear the sound of my guitar.
Its strings come alive in the light,
Guiding me near and far.

Playing for the masses in the room,
But my heart beats only for you.
Our love is like a jazz tune,
Sweet and soulful, tried and true.

Oh, no, not that again,
Love rears its head once more.
But I’ll play through the pain,
And let my guitar do the score.

After gigs, I come home alone,
But my guitar keeps me company.
It’s the only love I’ve ever known,
And it’s always faithful to me.

They say love is a flower,
Beautiful and buried deep.
But for me, it’s the power
Of my guitar, my love to keep.

Oh, well, I’ll keep on dreaming,
Of a love that’s sweet and true.
And while my guitar keeps beaming,
I’ll keep on playing for you.

Love may be a punch in the heart,
But my guitar helps me through.
With its soulful jazz art,
I’ll keep on loving, just like I do.