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(c) ep robles 2010

beyond the lies
and fleshy thorns
a second place
another time
we walked the stones
tripped through time
but village rudes
slain my love
drown by stream

rivers flow by
but never cease
— crimson tides

the tip of hatred
pierced my neck
a chain of pain
the children laughed
and danced the night

oh the wonders of life
never cease to amaze
mysteries of pain

maybe times are slow
but love wins the race
and you were my flower
and i the field of wonders

rivers flow by
but never cease
— crimson tides

women in love — lovers
beauty on beauty is such
candles melt leaving roses

and rivers flow in crimson
and if i ever live to see
your field of wonders

such beauty
i could never match
and rivers flow…

— crimson tides —

:: 02-14-2014 ::