LOVE –> ate me.!
Sell the kids for food
when change is mood
chain the dark inside
my pretty pink box
and how you love to say
‘we don’t know what it means’
Say, you say words by alpha
-betic digits, so again
reap the dark : rape the
dark and how you love to
sing what it means. . .
hear the world and so nice
so nice to chew not knowing
what it means. We can have
smiles we can bury whores
we can vote Jesus we can
demote the bloom of this
acrid world if you know what
if you know what it means
ahh! It we walk with feet
of the ancients we know what
it means and say, it’s to nice
to know to it means — no one
knows but a few so : we can
have a bit more if you drink
ifi you tear the bruise away
and life is so much more
if love ate me i sell the kids
for food when change is a mood
oh! My pretty pink box.

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