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it comes at night and seems to
, it seems to grip my heart ; i
die? –>so, case in point –>
i’ve been so bad, but not as bad
as this world: my mother said
i too shall suffer for all my sins
(ooh oh ooh) oh love! And now
Heaven save me from my evil deeds
and oh hell help me while i clean
these wounds : what i am is all
anyone could be /a victim of
being human ///…////keep away
from me man! MY lover is an angel
that kiss-tells me all i need is a
good defense against ewe-you, ha,
uh hmm. \\\

:: 02-28-2019 ::

the Dearest oF All LoVE

my dearest of all Love the piece of me
weeping when alone silently i pray for
touching and kisses as the mockingbird
sings at the lowest point of night
it is your kindess
the cotton-filled pillow of my
dreams When i am tall and walk
the shadow has you there with me When
you are away There then is the prayer:

“To be strong and solid
to have your strength with me
while i am half of us; that we are whole
is the best of any Love.”

Soon, then maybe, we shall be back
together in our Strength. Of all we cherish
and is the sweetest of any moment ever
remembered. Is love.

:: 02-08-2019 ::


NEAR the end of everything
life became more clearer
the whisper became loudly:

i should be laughing
i should be crying
i should be hanging —
up there

so do not come to my grave
because i am still walking
{i am not there]
do not bring me flowers
because i left my heart
beneath a growing garden
(it’s all within my will)

You know that love desires
valleys so deep like an ocean
and the highest of hills
within its swollen rolls
like a mystery mixed in a potion

And   everything is made of love;
like a thousand winds that blow
like a smile it kills the heart’s pain
Unlike the day the world came apart
and    the sun burned out
and    the moon fell down
and    the fire became so cold

So i am dead but still walking;
the living ghost of past memories.

:: 05-31-2018 ::


i can never tell you how displeased readers

  are by that position    the singular
moment when nothing makes any fucking sense
to them at all  but only to a few brilliant pebbles
that soar across the night canvas unknown
to the dullards of academia
  it is the ONLY reason i write;  to express
self to those very few who HEAR ME.
  the rest are noise and there is no time
for wasting one’s artistry on rigid brains
   and stiff necked human-geese.
Then again, my imagination never demands
  an audience of understanding but more
of an emotional receptivity.
   A slumbering shadowy cloud-vignette
     seeping from a tormented mind onto
   freshly sliced paper cuts.  This is the
color red screaming in a dying ink stroke.
:: 07-21-2017 ::






When compared by fears.png

LITTLE giants walk LIKE smallest little creatures

LITTLE GIANTS walk LIKE smallest little Creatures.png


[even i could not speak
to those called, “Them.”]

so Now! (*)Dogs of war (+)and
men of hate
,so they come!
\and All it’s courtesy just
flesh and bone
which may crush so does hope
life & eventually Love
if not prepared./

:: 11-07-2016 ::

cheat sheet: (*) Act 3, Scene 1, line 273,
William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.
(+) Dogs of War, Pink Floyd. A Momentary Lapse of Reason


…was the one
with a poisoned
saw the soul with
a gun and a pill
we fulfill our own
addictions –>
are the mechanisms
that allows us
and all the dollars
all the glam it’s
a chest full o’diamonds
won’t tear away this
h urt
and another gun thrown
down Mother Mary of
Secrets i looked into
her eye;a man by her side
just another way to die.

:: 03-02-2016 ::


LOVE –> ate me.!
Sell the kids for food
when change is mood
chain the dark inside
my pretty pink box
and how you love to say
‘we don’t know what it means’
Say, you say words by alpha
-betic digits, so again
reap the dark : rape the
dark and how you love to
sing what it means. . .
hear the world and so nice
so nice to chew not knowing
what it means. We can have
smiles we can bury whores
we can vote Jesus we can
demote the bloom of this
acrid world if you know what
if you know what it means
ahh! It we walk with feet
of the ancients we know what
it means and say, it’s to nice
to know to it means — no one
knows but a few so : we can
have a bit more if you drink
ifi you tear the bruise away
and life is so much more
if love ate me i sell the kids
for food when change is a mood
oh! My pretty pink box.

:: 11062015 ::