Daily Archives: November 5, 2015


I smell your fear like
anyone worthy
cued by truth and
simply too Beautifully
retired through me
and language of tongues

But you are not alone

Sun speak to me strangely
excited to watch souls
squirm and it must be
forwardflung backwardSpinning
a message of hidden souls
so uninvited to top leaps
alone speaking of love like
inwardlyhness but first
know I’m so alone and you
are so uninvited with iron
physics of a universe behind
I don’t think you are learning
that I need a moment to live
learning sleeping with only
several faces and a multitude
of hearts just like me hurting

“how do you sleep how?” her
smiles. Said, “we lovers learn
probably just living-dead”

:: 11042015 ::


BEEN chewing on life-gum bubbles
chasing my cat down the sunset strip
wishing -DAMN! Velcro is a solution
(meow) for purring distractions
Walked tumbled cracked my head
at the bottom of my life-stairs
all because Tazo slept three steps
from the top of my lobotomized
head! Ouch! Pain! Go away.
Saw the sunset upon a orange
eye-lid horizon made of fur
Claws are lightening bolts
and thunder broken hearts
missing the litter box
missing the letters that rock
my miserable lonely heart
My love my hate my feelings
my wanting to love pets
but they have an agenda
and so my cats want to kill me
kill me! Want to kill me

:: 11042015 ::