Daily Archives: December 3, 2015


WE walk by the lit garden
by the path we tip-toe
through life and kiss like
two lips (oh) we tip-toe
through the tulips seeing
how beautiful how wonderful
the garden loves two hearts
tip-toeing by her garden
(when I kiss her)
I saw your tears by the moon
light showering gifts for us
And I say ‘if i kiss you within
this garden within the moonlight
will you love me?’
And will you pardon me if I
am too brave to say say how
much I love you while we tip-toe
through the tulips of life?

:: 12022015 ::


Leave me (go away)
Left a note upon the table
read it below my scars
Why’d you leave the tears
of your trusting eyes (all within
the suicide-trust heart of my
bleeding eyes?)
And here is another ode of loving
written for where angels die
WITHIN the town square there is
a well where, well –young people
go to die a beautiful crying suicide
AND last night within a warm coat
of a beautiful moon light you grabbed
a brush and applied all the feelings
where perfect angels die
Made your lips and eyes so perfect
In all your self-righteous love
And left the key to your heart
upon a table where many fingers
rush to die . . .
IT’S not death that makes suicide
but the reason of a righteous suicide
it’s where perfect angels go to hide
Father! Mother! Mother! Father!
Brother! Sister! Friend! Why
do you forsaken me when I have you
all within my heart — it’s almost
perfect except I never heard the
voice of God.

:: 12-02-2015 ::