Daily Archives: December 2, 2015


WE werelings like saving trolls
bridges) coins in

pockets clanging
like silver hearts whose words like lips closed speaking
and two foot liking here — this earth dancing Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,
K525! we order a life and they send us a thought
(like someone ordered pie) and let us dance over smashed words — open broken vows of oath so trembling cracked —
smiles ~~
i see nothing
but drenching spray of pink-white and reds
all across this unbelievable lovely life! So dance,
sing! Twirling souls have no time for fear
or hurt or pain!


I am (my love is) love as if you were
the free rising winds of life or arrow
of roses and thorns that disperse despair!
I love you as towering buildings stand tall
and thunderheads speak with lighting;
my nature is natural to love you as the
plant that blooms and carries beauty
hidden within itself until the light of sun
brings forth those flowers as my heart
blooms for you when the world sleeps I am there
I love you as mystery breaths the interest
of wondering minds and the dense fog of some-
time life is difficult but mostly I am deeply
appreciative that there is no I or you,
only our hands entwined by faith, love,
devotion and time.
I love you.

:: 11132015 ::


Through white sheets of morning sun
I began knowing life and this tenderest
love. All of me awakened by the sweetest
most loving touches of Spirit!
Who is a Spirit encased in flesh,
began to see the cosmic universe?
I believe in the little kiss:
the tenderest touch of two lips
while two hands embrace the
eternal commitment of One.
And music is my Soul; any song
my Spirit whether music is gladly
or sadly received. And by life
the wisest heart knows the happy
song is glee and the saddest
annoying — but my wife, if life
is true then both happy and sad
are fields partly grown and ready
to reap. The skies are mentor
and clouds are nanny and this
moment every day we have is for
just us where I always hear us;
pleasing notes do sing: the union
of two into one on each season
while we embrace!

:: 11232015 ::


IF peace is largeness within the many chambers
of you i should dream a world of loveness
a n d m a n y t e a r s b y j o y
to tell you the dream when smallness was
the many vapored obscured heart-tied hands
hanging upon the highest star
There is within me enough room for you
as words from distant cousins lock meaning within
a single stanza the numinous feelings are that much
nearer I–the pupil of Life and my sight
is becoming more clearer.

:: 11272015 ::


i am the little ‘eye’ seeing life through ignorance
i am the furious soul wishing to understand this life!
i am the fear of lighting-flash rivers choking stones

fear no more the frown of perplexed hearts
fear no more the loving heart that may heal yours
fear no more the lover who is within your path in life

And this day, did you notice? It is born just for you
the light and air and clouds overtaken you in a way
that clears fog revealing such bravery within
confusion and such deepest pain!

Oh love of mine if i am worthy to say
stay and hear! This ocean song is not of waters
but your heart coming that sings both high and low

And what be love? N’ver the hereafter as pain as
pleasant laughter but the single source of pride:
roses of red and white, and snow and hair
of black and grey and some perfumes of exquisite
delight I love your speak-voice yet i known
your soul and say too that i never have met
a goddess go; who met one as my soul
and my truth is not upon a fact based upon
any lies.


THAT love is preciously touched
by what power of my heart?
If love is one then another touched?
and if Love is two touching hearts
this power of the above by God
I am the heart who moves
planets into place by romance
but wish just one Heart upon
the face of Earth — my feet
and wish my heart and soul too!
To align both our Love and
the Universe into One!
my singurarly soul i LOVE!


THE deepest desire,
my heart
nothing lingers
, the broad sword
of life cuts
pieces into
smaller moments;
moments that
sometimes linger
–make it so!
that baby bees are
born within Spring!

i see you hold
the nectar of life
upon your tender
then pass that love
to another one
;never spoiled–
what nectar then
becomes honey for
the hive!

i’m unexplored
by pheromone–
the honey bee
be brilliant!


I lay bare my soul to eternity
to see my clay form
from celestial breath
that I come I now lay bare
A fall from grace in human form