Daily Archives: December 3, 2016

What i have learned

THAT i have written in the most
frail and decaying structure
that i have traveled roads
that are dead-ends i have learned,
i have learned Souls travel
roads that seem to go no where
and if within my Life i shut
my petals closed i shut them
from the fear of a compelled
breathing which labors when
your love crushes me. Your
fire is cleansing and i am
burned pure within Love with you.

:: 12-03-2016 ::


When i fade i do it slowly
and this is something you
know like when i am trapped
within the small shadows
of the moon

when i fade it is a cry
the last semblance of me
when infinity becomes a
friend with old hands
which favors time

when i fade the world believes
that morning and night are
one entwined within our Lives
what do you think may happen
if Love were Free?

:: 12-03-2016 ::