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so how are things —
i sang, ‘how kids know without
the ever-apparent adult noose’
who knows what it means i mean
who really knows how it hangs?
w e could a s k 4
more as nature is not a fruit but
a whore; i strangled myself blue
knowing How my mouth likes to
shoot a bullet through its roof!
Agent Orange please return to Room
Blue A; we all know what it means
to have met a genteel man named (now
get this) Ay Nal. Hey man! i’ve
got a disease called laughing hyena
(a carnivorous mammals of the family
Hyaenidae of Africa and Asia) yes sir.
my eyes were blue as an ocean then
the tears of sorrow took them away.

:: 06.30.2020 ::


A Tender b l each e d   s k y
  ooh see the reds & whites
i was not wrong but so further
 from right  (like whatever i do
whatever i do)  what is large tearing
me are THE little things that kill
   THE LITTLE THINGS that kill
i swear  smothering my brain & killing
 my heart and smile —— best to forget
    so winter is SUMMER with you
it’s these smallest little things that kill
   oh kill   oh — touch my mind & lips

:: 06.30.2020 ::



TH3n the sky so pale  as trussed trees     !
     hips smiled at brightly red leafs
to nonchalance a floating Lightly;
       excesses of wrinkled pools of gentle
    tendered skin’d papers of a foolish
poet:  diligently carving thoughts into
        lonely shades of limed avenues
: rendered mordant blue.


   Deceivers of charming coquettes
bow–>  although the paint wet
 dreaming wishingly devouring/

:: 06.15.2020 ::


i don’t        have pleasantries
   while i cry … losing you
i don’t        have anything
   since i don’t have you
i don’t        have romantic eyes
   and no happy heart
   oh  no happy things
       since i lost you
       the day you walked out
on me –>  oh
i don’t        have any more love
       to share
       oh mother she left
 ___since i lost you
       oh you oh you oh you
       no more hope & dreams
since you misunderstood
   a confused mind & heart
i don’t i don’t have anything
       since i lost you.
  When you walked out on me
I walked in misery.
      so i don’t have love
               to share
   since i don’t have you.

:: 06.15.2020 ::


MY HAND is never choked by a paralyzed Voice—
within me as all is a beast of Earth partly
then Soul & Spirit by the Heaven’s named God___
the sun blinds my senses while i walk upon
the soiled weeping screaming dying lands of here
and maybe now. Now is not the past is not was
the future is more than the beginnings of Life whose
moments become memories — every all’s are every now’s
and lately my famous characters of written -forgotten
what’s feel trapped by the common condition of a skin-
suit we all shall shed one day if ever OR?
never. which is a human concept as there is always
more than this creature called ‘never.’
Never is a spoke or written emotion dying.
but always alive before this__thing we call existence.

:: 06.12.2020 ::


wings of glory

i have read the /\
and around the madness this

/come comes came the literary
–> literal wisdom of Ages___soon
to be BORN. i shall never dress
my head with butter but with sunLit
grace of the Great Thing. That who
ever made my tongue so sharp__family
or the gift of lit chrome Souls.
I know nothing between the inferior
thoughts of humans & science. I am
no thing you see of me: this skin of
chemistry and biological folly — that may
burn my skin and hunt my mind______do not
drink the ancestors of those of Mighty Race!

I have entered the true kingdom of “the Dead
within my stomach!” As when the moment pitches
hunger and as God is my Strength! I have devotion
for the weak and treaded lives. I am as far gone
as their life who once flowed through work — now
adrift above the common sense of adulation.
That i die in Hell of tormented affection i bleed
upon the noble ambition of my baptism of Life.
what is this judgment of perfection? The stones
within the Lake of Horror of my stupidity___ you
if strong come — otherwise keep your distance!
No faith in history no jealous pity from other
poets. I am no longer of this world. Hell! Within your
ecstasy close your deformed eyes and the cruelty of humanity
you feed my brain — paint your future popular paintings
and write your operas and unpopular poetry! Rudiments
of Madness and your invented words and colors!


i wish to be a word
for a day
to better understand
character & its prose
i suppose whatever
happened to
the mind outside
my Soul has freely
given up to be a word___
and what word would you be?
for me?

l o q u a c i o Us

:: 05.21.2020 ::


WHILE the Cherubim sing their deeply forlangen hymns
  …Oh, how beautiful! Oh, how sensually sweet!
That i am racked brokenly as suffocating despair
fills my Thoughts!  My Mind!  Not for this first
time am i drunk with expectation:  as a child i
drank the Living Light.  A price unseen until a
price paid!  

Let us break disharmony and seal a pact with All!
  To re-create a promise.

:: 05.10.2020 ::


IF the trees and green pasteurs
find you;
if as when we sat upon a spot
splashed by sunshine then; who
could taste the touch
of Love than most nevered
heard nor seen?
Then come toward me and reach out
we will talk about small things
relieving the Heart of it’s

Nature Agrees.

:: 05.07.2020 ::


ALICE all your friends are slow
if you follow then you shall know
but if you choose the rabbit hole:

All our friends are there
— they all ask of you; even
The One you know
he has Sudden Moves

IF you wait for reality to ask
then the universe will feel abused
but if you choose your hand
o v e r a g r e n a d e
the blood of the psychopath next
to you will release all pretension —
ask him; look at the eyes
oh daddy i love you
but outside is the boss
i think he is one of us

:: 03.30.2020 ::