Daily Archives: January 1, 2018


Your mind is enough for my Soul,
and your breasts freed to sway.

What is will/be is enough and
I keep my severe dreaming away!

I saw your golden cord climbing
above your nest that rises out
of the mouth to heaven.

And all illusions as a drying
painting of enormous proportions
that cupped flowers and abstained
from all human thinking —
the immovable body against the
irresistible force — THUNDER
like eternity in flight like
a wave.

The greatest smallest creatures!
The smallest biggest lies!
The irrefutable truths against
The deepest paradoxes know!

If you are sad — a lonely voyage!
Like the clouds engulfed in storms
I have spoken through pines and
cold soil — through fire and
full blown masts across the seas!

You are the vintage nature of all;
a people with high raised hills of
strength and nostalgic voices.

I awake each morning before the
sun to watch the birds flee —
back into the nest of your love!

:: 12-31-2017 ::