Daily Archives: January 29, 2019


WHEN minds think
the world goes bye
similar to darkness
that eats light
w i l l n e v e r w h o l l y
express Divinity
but e x p o s e any f o o l.

then again my S c r e a m
approves that a Ki s s
within the Dark is
more so delectable
than within the light
— wisdom surpasses

:: 01-28-2019 ::
E.P. Robles (c) 2019


Upon the rim of my eyelids look for Love,
not within the pocket that contain value,
not within the title of means, dear.

When first love comes it comes early
not within flesh but within Spirit
when first love comes it comes late

Not within dreams but within You
and all of you and your heart that
knocks upon the gate of a garden
whose fountain begins to splash!

:: 01-28-2019 ::
E.P.ROBLES (c) 2019


EYES as large as acres that see,

some hidden things.


are secrets deeply hidden under

divided worlds.

Our smallest of small;

a globe of fragile glass,

Within the smallest of

our hands,

But by it’s Soul and by it’s

Spirit of a heart of Crystal


Tininess voices through twilight

land be heard,

the most sincerest liar —

the mind suited for war

is our sight

by this night

of all nights


:: 01-28-2019 ::