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Nature 101

Your hips as a sturdy trunk
of a mature Oak:
The abdomen stretched,
stretched, m a woodpecker
and your breasts as fluffy clouds
all against the bright war of my
own passion.  These are words
loosely held by a deep passion
for all my love;  amazingly, the
Simplest creatures understand
my grande tree loosening its limbs
My soul withering  away by so
Many torrential rains.  and by God
the voice I am
Still trying to understand!
:: 10-15-2017 ::

i loved-like love

i loved-like love the Spirit of our Heads
standing tall upon the stalk of a neck
seeing colors unknown; feeling feelings
like boiling heat –> and that boiling
stench is the others who are always lost
||||| i am never between 2
walls ||||| and the face like a sky
looks down and calls my name and i hear
my Soul scream
the beetle has it’s dung; the famous
have their money, but no one is anyone
like i am so Spirit of this Universe
come and won’t you come and teach us
the secrets of all.

:: 10-13-2017 ::


MY council of twelve: is not her mind
like the glint of precious stone?
Unshaped by this era of time oh her soul!
and by your magnificient mercy, for me.

The voice of so many tumulteous nights;
her hands; hair as braided by angels
her constitution is testimony to God’s

whether storms
or perfect days cool and kilted
I am perfected constantly by her love
while within all my life and confusion
her arm and hand slips inside it all

and i am deeply delighted by the feeling
of her feathers and soft breasts upon
my heart — a special moment always
in pregnant delight by the Great Sun
within her future’s womb.

:: 10-13-2017 ::


WITHIN my humble thoughts
i ate the worms and all
the life i chose beat all
down upon my face
and left, was a hole —
the womb of my own life.

Walking down the straight
streets i remembered a
more gentle race AND
remember all i am
is revealed ~

oh, oh, i am clear
oh oh no, leave me alone.
So the elders of a council
of twelve told me: all shall
be revealed. I took a book
off eternity’s shelf: the
bright light said, “if you
read one book so shall you
have read them all.”

Something sang like a
building grace — not a word
I could ever relate but was
quite clear. Oh, oh. dear.
IF my top of days are
good then I know the end
so near. Met a butterfly
flittering fluttering like
eyes of the dearest loved
ones i know; so now we go.
upon the steeple of roofs
and down unto the unknown.

:: 10-11-2017 ::

LOVE the single and only EXTRAORDINARY

IF there is one love for all

then  love is simply

s t r e t c h ed  small

Love; the singular tear drop
fallen upon a mountain large:
which finds a path through
stone and dirt until reaching
center bottom.


the single and only

EXTRAORDINARY  as twlight’s
first throated burst of
mornings or evenings |
and IF there is one love
for all      if for all

then I have met Love
which is why I love all.

:: 10-10-2017 ::

A Force of Spirit

POETRY is the force of Spirit
and has no hand in human
dwelling; all prose by
human hand expressed by
Soul and Heart is complete.

These are the words of something
transcendental which surpasses
humanity: race, religion, sex,
and politics.

I am endowed by the great poets
and their words; but refrain
from the injected thoughts
of ingrained humanity.

We as a race of humans are
endowed too by their prose
but I care not for any thought
of politics, religion, and the
rest of that messy goo.

If the eye can rest
and the heart can run
allow them two to meet:
every other ‘thing’ is
objectified by the flesh.

:: 10-10-2017 ::

we Stood still Waiting

we stood still waiting
)sometimes honest men
lie( where bleached
bones lay was a story.

And in perfectly disastrous
moments a beautiful butterfly

:: 10-10-2017 ::

Tomorrow My Prophecy

i heard the drops of rain
falling upon my brain.
the hearing was different
than its feeling;
my thin arms too
felt preternatural
as frogs and fish began
to fill the courtyard.

i imagined smelling memories
of folly idleness;
the thinking was deeper
than the doings.
most eyes closed
with shuttered sight
tomorrow my prophecy
of a better light.

tonight i sleep awake
and tomorrow awake
sleeping for another
moment of delicious

speaks the poet
within my heart.

:: 10-10-2017 ::



My Emotions Are Prisoner to Fear

my emotions are prisoner
to fear of release.
i have seen love explode
: remnants of supernovae
and my one remaining fear:
i shall not have love again.

And then once i too walked
with love but was then
a shadow; then now i walk
along the rolling hills
hearing mocking shadows
knowing how much i took


this seed within my heart
with passion and color
grew; became a flower
that made good upon grace;
that love watered my roots
until the sun withered it

Which took everything
alas but my fear that
i shall not have love

:: 10-10-2017 ::


deeper, Than Death.

deeper Than Death

so i have
broken the vow
of my soul

my Spirit says..
it isn’t so.”

t    hen   2 U”


:: 10-07-2017 ::