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i see your tears
hidden by years
of hiding yourself.

So sad, so lonely
So hard to have courage
within this world.

But i see your feelings
See me, see us, beautiful
like a rainbow.

Show me your smile
to see you laughing
makes them crazy.

Show yourself
Show yourself
Show yourself

So never be discouraged
So hard to be yourself
within this world.

And I see your love
And I see your strength
And that is why I love you!

So never be afraid
Never to be afraid
being afraid is dying.

:: 12-10-2017 ::



this night is young
but i am ancient
in both flesh and

As fields older
than the dirt!
As winds slower
than God’s breath!

Oh! Thank you my love!
for your kisses!
And your tears too.
See? The flowers
have stronger stems now!

My oldest song!
My only true love.
We two are the oldest
;by life and love!

:: 12-08-2017 ::


IN Alabama there is a dog with a tick on
Its back so big it look like a dog with
12 legs;
In Washington DC there are politicians who
Have exactly 10 legs and the difference:
NONE: THEY all bleed you and get fatter!
(Ticks have 8 legs)

:: 12-08-2017 ::


A young young man
a soul so old
a heart full of gold
a mind full of worry
a spirit like fire

My my oh my!

Stepping tripping over words
formulating ghosts from the
world — like all society!

Today is conception aborted
like unpainted canvases
unwritten novels
half spoken truths
Just going from failure to failure
without losing yourself
like the life journey; taking
the first step of a thousand miles

A conversation (catch the myth,
catch the drift, catch the mystery)

And all is a dream so big and we
all dare to fail!

Today’s soul is so high on tech
what you think
what you speak so loud most
cannot hear!

The young one
with a soul so old!
a heart full of hope
A mind full of worry
a spirit like fire!

My my, oh my!

:: 12-08-2017 ::

1, 2, 1, 2, 3 …

One .. two … one …two
three ..

Met my love long distance
— we just came from far away
seemed we both were doing
nothing busy when we met
when we met each other
I had a frog within my throat
she spoke –> threw all of
me outside outside my heart
and croak went the frog
Words so cool–> OOOH yeah
thunder lightening times
like stars spoke to me;
thunder like a stroke;
her voice was my heart
her voice — i think,
i think (i love her)
So sweet like sweet fruit
nothing but kindness
the kind’a love like
forever is a promise.
Yea, her.
I had come from diaster
like a war or two —
when she walked into
the outdoor outdoor
of my phone — thus
became the love over
time. She built, like
a statue of love;
she so bright –>
a kind like electricty,
oh she ; know I love her
Ah she is the one I love
Such love like butterflies
and flowers pollinating me
She is the /Queen Bee\
The queen bee.
And I love her!
Love her!

:: 12-07-2017 ::


THE many minds who have lost:
lost a love or objects of
affection; who have died
within or of those who are
lost within to the living as
if they were dead:

If a lover who has lost;
if another who has been lost,
sometimes they hear the voices
within dreams and sometimes
within the thoughts of another mind.

And within a quiet moment between
awakeness and sleeping; their voice
returns as a stanza from a single
piece of poetry from their love.

Like breath, life, and soul,
fading out!

:: 12-06-2017 ::


IF the throat could cry
would it use words?
IF the jaybird too?
How could nests be built?
By divine love; divine
strength we learn.

If (which is a word to
wish for more) love
was greater than fear
(and it is) all things
are the possible.

And I say to the One
whom I love (and you know
me dear) I wish for a nest
for our eggs and future.
Where love creates the
possibility of eternal love!

Bless you my dear!

:: 12-06-2017 ::


Brevity! Shortness of breath
Breathing life within tiny
little – be little spaces.

Are the meaning? Life.
No. Kisses as Mountains
and hugs are oceans
and words are small continents
surrounded by the ebb and tide
of life.

But special are colors we choose;
those we adore within skies
and deep nature as flowers and
and soil. Walk with naked feet,
enjoy the communion if you choose!

And breath, brevity! A shortness
of words! The economy of expression;
explains nothing to the ear but maybe
to the soul.

I say breath! Breath! Enjoy the feeling
of uniqueness and be barefooted within
nature! Be naked!

:: 12-06-2017 ::


I was torn from my own heart
when i read about war
And even though i walked
among calm people in the square
they hadn’t heard the news
And a constellation of stars
gathered within the North

I saw a movie today about
fictional people winning
a war with super powers
so adored — And who imagines
life without love
Where feelings are just ghosts
and people just living for today

Where living and dying are
scripted just for actors?
The words as ink and blood
and blood all those giving souls
So I do not imagine heaven
or hell above nor below
just people living for today.

:: 12-06-2017 ::


I have a heart or maybe two
One for me and one for you

My heart is broken
Maybe yours too

Let’s forget it all
And hang out on the clouds

The sun is all but gone
But still I have a gun

I think I’m done
Being happy

Just being happy

If I were like them
I could pretend

Just to be happy
Just to be happy

A done bun
Never undone.

Wish I was happy.

:: 12-06-2017 ::