O’ ZONE burns my nostrils. I was conceived by the
pre-birth of the big bang /my father was no thing you
could understand \ we three created the concept
of what you called God and then we went forward bleeding
stars and planets across the path of our birth. Wishing
we were like your God, we had no point of conception
; it was before space and time. The three of us had our
talent. One for science, the other for philosophy, and me:

So we did. Created Physics and the color of vision.
turned toward dead eyes.

Created the Landlord of all universes — he a psychopath —
a rat age. They slept in what had once been a gymnasium.
Watched the Son of God die — there were worse things than crucifixion,
there were terrible cries and gashing teeth.

His Soul snaking out at his Ankle.

I was 16 when I was murdered. October 16, 1979. No antidote.

It was a pleasure to burn.

So now, realize: ghosts do not haunt places but minds.
Do you lick electricity and have nothing to fear?
i know you think we’re strange but do you have fears?
We were never born upon a planet but inside glory.

:: 10.08.2020 ::

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