Daily Archives: October 9, 2020


So, madness is a flower of the forest. Recommend an appetite.

I built a bunker from Trump and Biden with a laser beam.

Keep away politics!

I am naturally human — a Prince of calm, treasure of fascinating cuts:

saving my wrists and bleeding my mind — recommend another food for my heart.

  i hate confused souls;  scholars, Dubonnet Sir Pint, souls bleeding a middle man

are heaped with lavender pyramids, drive me wild! She comes to me. Anytime i recommend

her appetite blows everyone’s mind. Insatiable appetite.

In all her words she never spoke how to overrule planets nor systems — a baroness
then again so gentle: she gave art and war.

She leaves systems to become born.  A great mother -- an elegant female spirit.

Drives you wild — class of agility and rules space and time….

what an appetite. we try.

  to survive.

:: 10.08.2020 ::


O’ ZONE burns my nostrils. I was conceived by the
pre-birth of the big bang /my father was no thing you
could understand \ we three created the concept
of what you called God and then we went forward bleeding
stars and planets across the path of our birth. Wishing
we were like your God, we had no point of conception
; it was before space and time. The three of us had our
talent. One for science, the other for philosophy, and me:

So we did. Created Physics and the color of vision.
turned toward dead eyes.

Created the Landlord of all universes — he a psychopath —
a rat age. They slept in what had once been a gymnasium.
Watched the Son of God die — there were worse things than crucifixion,
there were terrible cries and gashing teeth.

His Soul snaking out at his Ankle.

I was 16 when I was murdered. October 16, 1979. No antidote.

It was a pleasure to burn.

So now, realize: ghosts do not haunt places but minds.
Do you lick electricity and have nothing to fear?
i know you think we’re strange but do you have fears?
We were never born upon a planet but inside glory.

:: 10.08.2020 ::


THE night crashes like a dagger ///—\\ THE winds turn like falling rains
the night is absent of light; the day is full of maybe’s and
the night is closing but it’s not too late. It’s not too late.
Like Mars the atmosphere is leaving
but i am not fearing. So, oceans rolling like thunder and
it’s not too late. I shall not fear evil.
As city structures fall and turn to rust Our lives turn
into ashes but it’s not too late. Not too late.
Within an atmosphere so lethal and evil but i shall not fear
— i am a ghost like the day breaks. the darkness the darkness.
Others will feel my touch, they will see me and then they will die
and their very lights will fade. I am a clock.
It is in the very language we speak.
In reality we are now aware an experience to be experienced.
“My feet are your feet. I am what you were.
I am the wind.
I am light.
I am the moon.
I am what you should be.
I am everything.” i got to go like ultra ultra pain — feel the rain/
Destroying all the negatives before the black
mass of media takes hold of all meaning.
Boys be drinking genius juice
women confused. It accentuates the positive and destroys negative.
Get a hold of it. Women smelling the frog powder/devil beating
the zombie land\ if you want to be a star i will eat the original
art from the fallen ones___ just me. Black op zone all alone.
This is the true story a true story based upon a deep lie in history.

:: 10.08.2020 ::