Daily Archives: August 19, 2021


How i lost everything
and all for love of you
and now i am grieving
under moon shadow

and if i ever lose
my voice i speak love
and if i ever lose
my love i show my heart
and if i ever lose art
my hands move colors

deep within a green forest
i met a man with no legs
and he jumped and landed
within my mind and soul:

so if i lose my mind
these words are spoken
upon behalf of me.

:: 08.18.2021 ::


OH time is never owned cause time is always loaned
you can never give more to it and you can never leave
without leaving a piece of you
so the yesterdays we were others
today we believe we are we
and how life can help one
believe we’re better than yesterday — hold up yourself
to the Living Light: i once was youth and now ageless
so believe me.
And how the sun rises
and how the seas undulate
and hearts beat…
time is never owned.

:: 08.18.2021 ::


i am the life
i am the death
i am fueled by
adoration for you
you are my whore
you are the mother
to my poems.
and i will never
leave you.

i ate the edge of time
and pulled my heart out
placed it upon the rock
of gibraltar like a gun
to my head

and how the world murders
words.  oh i love misery
and find energy in love
so in time…in time.

And how you counted stars
and tasted all your scars
and how we feel the same
flying away toward Mars   .

Into my world i lead you.

:: 08.18.2021 ::


three flies upon the eyes
blue electric arcs of light
how beautiful and to the point
ashame so ashamed
oh how death can be so lonely
how stupid but entertaining
how fulfilled by soul and spirit
hey! i loved the pain how it felt
so alive so hello and hell no!

Well, this lifetime sucked
and how it killed time
how meaningless unless a slug
is your King.

So i forgive and i smiled while
giving all my soul so never mind
and  how fruitless it was for all
so now in meantime burn the pages
and build the words of imagination
and forget the lies of the brain
— the most sincere liar of them all!

:: 08.18.2021 ::