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Orbicular Nightmare

(some of those people turned around but were
never interested in me. Love looked around
like an unscrewed head with a cat’s presence.
And where were those alien baby things looking
out for us, you say? Uh! Huh. Management taught
me to just play my guitar while making love
to my ego and once then a passerby signaled government
to take me through the glass oh yeah. Ooh
that piece i had forgotten was so long ago me |i pace
and walk planck’s measurement eternally while i met
Him and shook His hand for centuries and gazed while
gazingly staring i knew we both died alone such a
long time ago and now i remember when i once lost
control: when i died forgiving the world & bled
face-to-face with the Man who Saved the World.)

:: 01.2.2023 ::

by invading i kept my mouth shut
forgiving the world/if with your electric eyes
you’d tuck away your radar and allow your space-mind
to rest tonight\Church Was Once a Holy Place |so now
i’ve jumped down into your raygun eyes and now i’m
freaked out inside a mars-day nightmare i love_ how strange

God might chance me but i won’t waste my time.

:: 01.12.2023 ::

The Family Cherry Stoner


i have allowed the world
to rape me with its eyes
and with thoughts they have
stabbed me through.

be kind be grateful

i have heard these voices pray
a shattered-like brown preserving
jar broken too;
a squashing pressure perturbing
my heart ~ a *Family Cherry Stoner
making six goblets redder than life
a condiment bottle for my tears
a broken doll upon crutches
fixing it’s wooden puzzles

And my bed, the gathering basket
upon the bread which lay my Soul;
and there i go! Falling upward
and begging so!

a family cherry stoner.

:: 05-29-2017 ::

*(Circa 1880-1900: advertised as “The Family Cherry Stoner,” the cherry pitter–intended to remove the stone without squashing the fruit was a popular kitchen item).

Here in This Darkness I Know Myself

Don’t want to die
forgetting Life

or the Ones Loved

Don’t want to live
remembering death

Losing pieces of
my Heart

wondering what’s
wrong with me

lock me up
inside | to forget
the feeling of loving

and the touch of Sun
upon my face

:: 10.18.2022 ::

Strange Claims Adjuster

My Sweet Lover of ages / the Strange Claims Adjuster
of mysterious poses \ within a world so cold
making pink ice cream ponies,
How we scream sometimes at each other and spit in
the frozen air /touch me if you will upon my stomach
where all butterflies are tied
up \ —-> i met the corner
with the skin of my soft hip
and sanguinolency masterbation
spread outward into the castle
where we went || deep inside
the body of our MIND
ABYSSOPELAGIC lust! Oh okay,
the next morning we went hunting
(after that funky time) for panacea.

She took me within her arms with
more than two eyes burning inside
(the lights went out) I fed her
special green grass and she sang,
“Taradiddle” oh wicked __ nikki.

I spoke a word, “
Mercy” but i could never buy my
Life back with any money ||

Kisses mellifluous while watching
syzygy align!~ We grind.

:: 07.03.2022 ::


i am the life
i am the death
i am fueled by
adoration for you
you are my whore
you are the mother
to my poems.
and i will never
leave you.

i ate the edge of time
and pulled my heart out
placed it upon the rock
of gibraltar like a gun
to my head

and how the world murders
words.  oh i love misery
and find energy in love
so in time…in time.

And how you counted stars
and tasted all your scars
and how we feel the same
flying away toward Mars   .

Into my world i lead you.

:: 08.18.2021 ::


EACH morning comes and we are dying
ONE year passes and more are born
i walk in fields of flowers and gossamer
and fell into a hole with stars and nebula passing
and caterpillars singing before they have wings
and a red panda kisses my cheek and explains this is
where things go when one dreams while walking.

— so hooka man in your small corner closing in upon
your jelly brain gets up and dances again
oh little rolly-polly you are a cute ball
and my brain lost logic and proportion and words
and numbers dissolve at the dawn of common sense.

We are told to believe some things
We are punished for doing many things
We are clean as a Spirit and Soul
but then as always — life takes its toll

Be safe around busy eyes and hold upon a wind
the secret words you believe in
allow no parrot to squawk within the room of
your private thoughts

Oh! Live! Be different and be your own friend!
Be your own friend!

:: 05.09.2021 ::


MET the Light that beats down my face
   a splice of time & space and twelve elders
 when they came the women fainted and livestock too
— oh .  Whoa.       My faith grew unto a forest
of gentle green to kill their unholy kind : we’ve
been blind: there’s no denying
Oh!  yea!  i’ve been crying.
  — walking all i see the sun
just the sun of ‘in my eyes’
  its sane/as i scream these
razor eyes\ come find me come
find me — ooooooh now.

:: 07.25.2020 ::


MY ATTENTION is breaking \a flooding stream flowing/
help me:i found an enemy within me: help :  and
the only thing that works;   an Umbilical cord
around the weak parts of my Heart :  i have found
detritus within my heart/ all the parts of a splayed
cockroach across the floor:
  oh well an invading army
of insects now & maybe
later horny cherubs to take
me away
  oh well oh my
  yea hell
within broken mirrors are
the strangest souls
and i am ugly full of tears
 am i scared why not:  i
found God.

:: 07.18.2020 ::

A Pain Inside a Hole So Far Deeply, No Echo

A pain. Inside a hole so far
deeply, no echo.
A morning sun sinking beneath
yesterday’s promises.
And i’m running toward the
edge of a crazy world.
i’m refusing to believe
we all are so very lost
no one has anymore love.
And save me Moon because
like a bright sight you
guide the shores and waves
of all these people; the
scared, tired, and mentally
drained peoples.

Our Earth.

:: 10-02-2017 ::


WHEN love’s cold we cry
women seem so wicked
when hearts are so strained
men seem so distant
when love is so ugly
when we’re alone
when life is down
fears come out
when you’re so weak
hearts are so alone
when lovers are so
unwanted it seems so
cold when we’re so
hungry for love
no one knows how
to live for love
Lovers roaming nights
like when you’re down
when love’s cold
we cry and we all are
so wicked when hearts
are so strained
hearts seem so distant
opened mouths say
‘when you’re strange’

:: 10222015 ::