buSY BEE inSIDE MY HEART (Oh king of my dreams)

‘buSY Bee inside my heart /// oh ate through toward my eye
buzzing and can’t you feel my heart burn?  Can’t your heart
bee my love — to travel and die upon a crust of moon drift dirt.

I heart how thoughts became living beings inside my head
and march within a vast army of disillusioned minions.

  Can’t you hear my love burst?  Can’t you feel my love bust?
Like we as Werelings so tiny as quanta light;  little creatures
who live 1,000 years but only a day in our time.  And we have no
fur but like to wear dead animals upon our skin.  How filthy
our skin is with microbial animals like horror stories feeding
our souls with dead mouths.
 Busy believe-me King-thing:  who comes
to save me while it hurts your.  Will you hear my love words?
My love BUZZ?  I want you like a crazy wave needs shores /// my
dead brain \\ jet sounds outside the ear canal of disaster.

Will you love the busy Bee inside my heart?

or Leave for Another Sound and string of strange words?
undulating hips and puffy lips.  Watch me waddle away
into horrific oblivion love buzz.

:: 09.09.2021 ::

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