Daily Archives: September 3, 2021


AND ALL HEARTS are bleeding
washing the streets of cities
all thoughts like little stars
and feelings swimming like fish
forever lost in an ocean of feelings

AND YET they get what they want
and yet they get everything
but what i hid inside my empty heart

Today is violent and more violent
than the purple eyes of bruised eyes
and how my heart died wishing more

And YET they WANT again & again
take a look (told you from the start)
there is nothing to take.

I am not here. You fight your insides
and tear them out and eat your life
and die many times over. Go on!

washing the streets of cities
like thoughts of little stars
and small swimming fish.

A heavy glow of light.

:: 08.03.2021 ::


LIGHT police shine on me
oh karma died yesterday
and now like daisies
you know…

Oh come on arrest my head
and make me feel criminal
— is this what we get

this is what we need
what we get when we dream
all inside our lonely heads

Comma, english police yea
rest inside the casket i
placed you  within:

this is what you get when
you mess with love.

i’m all by myself
all by myself with words
i love and create in prose

how i lost myself within you.
the only poetry i love is
what i write to you.

:: 09.03.2021 ::


Azure sunsets and once again
empty skies — that she’s gone
i stay so i see sun and skies
eat hope

there’s a small dot inside my heart
it’s as yesterday — the same old
thing as a cat caught in a high
tree top // and inside this rain
i turn around inside my brain \\
so easy to be a madness as
the symphony sings.

As half of migratory birds
Round over another half of volcano
birds by beauty deafens them
Wearing red and pinks of women’s charms
makes them follow the appearance of their echo
as an echo becomes unknown — before you.

The personal echo is wide of fiery blaze
AS A carriage of birds flees all land
The defending carriage AND SISTER MOON —
its live passengers.

Silver Passengers TOO: how you go to a
difference of dawn without permission!

As an actress of extreme weather and
surprising nectar of warm and loose dreams
Legs as if they speak in her two herself
And she responds to herself as she runs herself

How you can fly as an invisible island.

The full moon and the empty sun of night
which we see sleeping spinning corrupting
the ocean of soothing dreams.

SHE makes her deal among the dreaming victims.

Fire death
Fire that makes hate useless

The dream by simplicity of love.
And how your Love flows through me.

I burn for you.

:: 08.31.2021 ::


With gladness and glee of heart
as belief in morrow’s mornings!
    that today is a dream of dreams
that i can see from my Mountain’s top!
Wondering if they — as tall as me!

Does it have a tongue and voice —
       as me?
Has it features like a bird that
soars high into blueness as hearts?
and speaks languages of faith and Love
as           –> me?

Oh!  That which I have never heard!

Oh!  That some scientist and scholar !
 who as a wize one listened but never
once heard the patterning of my pitiful

That, in future days, once again, someone
or something may know.  

   that with gladness and glee of heart
as belief in morrow’s shall know as me!

:: 08.31.2021 ::


The sea grows vicious; a hand reaching, clutching, clutching.
Do you fear the sea?
Do you fear the sea?

The sea rises up with nameless horrors.
It passes into sleep, surging deep, it sleeps

Deeper still.

Do you love the sea?
Do you love the sea?

The ships come with guns blazing,
Ready to spray their steel.
The sea rises up with screams and floods,
Into the heart of chaos.

Do you fear the sea?
Do you fear the sea?

The ship sails on with cannons blowing,
Blowing loud, blowing long.
The sea is angry and dies
Under the sound of cannon.

Does love make you fear?
Does love make you fear?

The ship sails on with tanks hooting,
Ready to spray the city
With their powerful power.
The sea is angry and dies
Under the sound of tanks.

? Then, alas…chanting in vast bliss
the ship sails pass in music bellowing
as bright sun shining, a full sea.

The sea is angry and dies.

:: 08.31.2021 ::


THE BEST day is one of love
not by flesh nor kiss
but Nature

the best i’ve ever known
and not much to say
so beyond my eyes

so far many scores of years

Today is a great chasm
that anyone could slip into
and threading these skies
with angel wings — my heart

today is today is today is
a greatest moment ever known.


today is yesterday’s wishes
and more.

:: 08.31.2021 ::


But not sorrow to the bitter death of indigence, to which they are made to follow.

Without sacrifice to any deity.

But let us never underestimate that the more an occasion’s good will works, the more ruin is allayed.

Meanwhile, turn them out, then, by sea or land,–

that the servant of science might discover nothing.

What about other powerful vampire authors such as Daniel Defoe and Lord Byron, in addition to Shelley?

(At first sight, a good way to read the book of Revelation, was to think of their “visionaries” who took it to be a description of the original creation, with humans first emerging at the very beginning. It was not clear from the account of the Fall in 2 Peter, how it was even possible to have had the Fall at all.)

:: 08.31.2021 ::


I did not wish to do it but the moon hid behind clouds
and I was so lonely. I allowed my hand to tease me
and it’s so much easier for stimulation than dinner
or coffee with a needy person:

— just a fantasy

So my mind asked me: when will you get
a hold of yourself of yourself?
(hmm, never?)
I called my brain up in the middle of the night
and had such a beautiful conversation!

It’s not so hard to make love when yourself is
the real affection: just a fantasy and never
the real thing. I just want to deal with
inside action but never outside confusion.
How people need and bleed like long distance

Oh oh oh — it’s not the real thing
but sometimes it’s all you need.

— just a fantasy.

I was asked: “will you get a hold of
your emotions?” I told the psychiatrist I saw
her toys in the drawer of her mind so don’t
preach to me. Oh well then! I’m sure it’s better
if you could get a hold of me. So many times, I
bet you wished I’d heard your secrets –> it’s just
a fantasy and not the real thing.


:: 09.03.2021 ::


GOODNIGHT my love and dearest angel
how long since you should
have closed your eyes.

Can we save the deepest questions
for another Life?

I feel you have one upon your trembling
lips; how too I have since I knew you’d go.

And how ships have sailed.
And oceans eat the sailors of
brave hearts.

I promised I could never leave you
and so know: goodnight my love
and dearest angel and now it’s time
to sleep within the ocean’s deep.

Remember all the love we had within
emerald bay eyes — and as an ocean
i am rocking you to sleep inside this
ancient heart of mine.

Always a part of me.

:: 09.03.2021 ::