i have written many poems here and have long time followers. To this end I say that i contracted a strange disease and i have sought help. at first it was just the attention of losing time and how distance became infinite and sometimes shorter than my foot size. I logically understand i was not going crazy but something profound happening to my understanding. I have not allowed family to know but will for my community ( i do love my family but will never burden them). So, now. I believe my poetry will become a bit more crazy and wild. Disconnected. I hope one day the medical community will reconize this illness. It is not Alice in Wonderland syndrome. But more rare than that condition? I am writing a book of fiction where I really believe i exist. I write and write and write and even while i sleep. I keep paper near my and wake up with so much paper on the floor with writings. Who nows. So for now. This is my unique confession. And if there are those women out there (who know who you are — that is WHY I do not pay attention to you). I am trying to survive.

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