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A Hundred Poems XII

A bent leg
one in the puddle

that grey sky
but not my heart

a red rose
that fragrance – hope

and these words
falling sprites

upon your tender soul —
what voice do you hear

heaven or mortal man before
that prostates himself unto you

spirit or flesh or both
what take you — love and life?
or a memory upon your trails
that message I await upon lips

Alone again, without you.

:: 03-23-2014 ::

T h u n d e r

It’s so easy to blow up your problems

~ to play up your breakdown
~ to fly through a window
~ to fool with the sound

There is no way to tell what sort of war
the news just tells you to run
you can’t afford to turn your back
it’s always on TV

And sometimes when you watch
It looks like people are getting along
It’s hard to argue
It’s all like a video game

But one day it’s T H U N D E R

WHEN realization shakes you at the knees
and you no longer trust anything
Oh no! No you don’t.

that we will keep on fighting
that we will keep on seeing
that we will listen

We will prevail against the noise
We will raise our fists for the world
We will never pretend it’s the end

And freedom will prevail
Liberty to bring down
the walls of tyranny
and all the nightmares
that follow me and you.

:: 08.10.2022 ::

Song of the Flower

i hear all then none
when voices speak
they speak it’s over
and god thanks you’re saved
you’re same as a country flower
wishing rains then sunshine
to grow into a beautiful
peace for Earth so god bless
bless your heart you’re saved
for all hearts you touch
i’m blessed.

you bring nature to her knees
for all hearts you touch you touch

:: 08.28.2022 ::

Madness Is Confused Love

Hold her close to life. Take her into your arms.
To sit in her smoke-filled room.
Smoke in light fog with the stars eying your breathless body.

She wants to scream, yet is silent.
She wants to scream, yet is silent.
You are a light in a world.
Still got madness love for you babe.
And you can’t tell the darkness from the stars.
Your lips turn open and close with no words
of their own.
I still have madness for you baby.
As everything drives me crazy for you.

Your chin lies like a victim.
Why won’t you open your mouth and scream?
As you can’t tell the darkness from the stars.
Into her eyes with those questions

That won’t shut down yet seem to have endless life.
Hold her tight to life.
Take her into your arms o sit in their smoke-filled room
Smoke in light fog with the stars
Eying your breathless body.

She wants to scream, yet is silent.
You are a light in a world.
Oh, oh, oh, how I love you.

And you can’t tell the darkness from the stars.
My grasp of your blue dress is failing.
I yearn to feel your lips on my throat.
As your hands skim over my face
The feeling becomes vague.
I want to run away
Run towards your mouth
And take hold of your eyes
As they grow into darkness
and makes me free.

Still got madness for you babe.
Still have the colour in my eyes
called pure love babe.

:: 08.23.2022 ::


INSENSIBLY you slide towards the madness of dreams.
But your thoughts will never change.
They wait in a large room beyond the door,
They wait to see how it ends.
And yet they never look beyond themselves.

They choose this cage.
Smile like spiders.
Be silent like beggars.
They are locked inside a tomb.
A shallow tomb full of rats.
Its contents were already ravaged.
Deep inside, like a cockroach,
They wait to see who will unlock the door.

:: 08.23.2022 ::

Nursery Rhymes

UNDER sheets we shade horror
within skin we feel no repent
inside skulls we are liars
below are broken feet
walking streets weeping
saying, “i’m through it all,
cause i don’t need your tears.”

In the end we look inside a
mirror that tells us lies
so we suffer as god’s children
like gutter’s institutions
so we shut our eyes and pray
“Just save the ones whose
hearts are pure.”
A drink for the horror
and cheers for the apologetic
society who never cried a tear
— but set us aside.

Just save…Just Save…
Just save all the little children
and tell nursery rhymes.

:: 08.17.2022 ::

Twisted Lies Inside Sincere Love

INside this collapsed
the youth
fulMouth of Minds
UGLYsicks spat
yeLL(ow)ed sICK
Upon magicalMETA
sheshapes of Strength
i destroyed their
sheepVoice: -wh
EEling;at who!?,
(the fairy speaking
about that whic
hbubble ssomethin
gabou tlov

:: 08.17.2022 ::

Tap Shoes for Malaguena

Ceiling above my skull
beyond the clouds
above the space and time
as silk moire, wand of ivory,
shadows of memories
as God watches the cupboard,
angels preparing breakfast
for universal morning
cherubs poke and squitter
original English of young
glutton | cap of moire,
pecker ivory, gut strings
of a guitar whose wardrobe
projects a lovely tongue
of pears she prepares
her tap shoes for Malaguena
and all the night’s fair!

:: 08.07.2022 ::

Three Disembodied Heads

The three disembodied heads on top of a heap of dolls of whom only one is recognizable as a face have very curiously looking deep-set eyes, on fire with curiosity and intent on finding out what’s to be discovered in this tub.

—Rinsing off, three children wash themselves—that’s the noise made by two old men who don’t know each other— As they creep out of the stall and escape from the flood of hot water. They strip off their white night clothes, and don’t know why that their naked breasts seem to glow.

So the clear pale skin, broken by narrow white slits, folds into the two white globes so that they’re held un a most pleasing manner; the dark nipples become large and pendulous, and in a flash the scarlet eyes—the one about five and one on top of the other—Snap open, and fill with intelligence and a glint of laughter and mischief. The other has a slightly different appearance—large white globe with a dark under eye—and his neck is bent, and his throat is thinner and shorter
and his nostrils a bit flatter—in a flash the tiny face golds a curious thing, and then, suddenly, the nose us curled up—and you can see something on the top of his head—

The last victim, the youngest, I’m sure, is best described: A pale pink globe, pale ivory, transparent, lashes like silver wings, loose curls of dark hair around her face; and, whilst the mother is resting, playing with the child, the little lady looks at you with a real face like a child and wants to play.

You will have the impression that the facial skin is loose and very clear.

:: 08.07.2022 ::

Life & Love is Precious

is a precious d r e a m t o d a y / and ALL the
time is never time at all
that you could ever leave
when inside yourself dreaming
how wonderful time is while
you realize you must leave a
piece of you tic-tock believe
The life can change when you
look away ~~ tonight
or over roofs of days while
the sun smiles above

are the best of friends
Both crave for your Soul
and all your Friends
so believe me | love and forgive
| allow everyone to Live the way
they Are and Time tocks and
ticks off stubborn rabbits who
never crawl down into Alice’s
burrowed Hole so believe!
Life can Change your Life
TONIGHT TO-NOW and while you
pick up shattered thoughts
time tics-toc eternal walk
so believe in you
so believe in me
so believe in us
so believe in all

Nothing matters but

:: 08.08.2022 ::