Daily Archives: August 31, 2022

A Hundred Poems XII

A bent leg
one in the puddle

that grey sky
but not my heart

a red rose
that fragrance – hope

and these words
falling sprites

upon your tender soul —
what voice do you hear

heaven or mortal man before
that prostates himself unto you

spirit or flesh or both
what take you — love and life?
or a memory upon your trails
that message I await upon lips

Alone again, without you.

:: 03-23-2014 ::

T h u n d e r

It’s so easy to blow up your problems

~ to play up your breakdown
~ to fly through a window
~ to fool with the sound

There is no way to tell what sort of war
the news just tells you to run
you can’t afford to turn your back
it’s always on TV

And sometimes when you watch
It looks like people are getting along
It’s hard to argue
It’s all like a video game

But one day it’s T H U N D E R

WHEN realization shakes you at the knees
and you no longer trust anything
Oh no! No you don’t.

that we will keep on fighting
that we will keep on seeing
that we will listen

We will prevail against the noise
We will raise our fists for the world
We will never pretend it’s the end

And freedom will prevail
Liberty to bring down
the walls of tyranny
and all the nightmares
that follow me and you.

:: 08.10.2022 ::