Daily Archives: August 18, 2022

Nursery Rhymes

UNDER sheets we shade horror
within skin we feel no repent
inside skulls we are liars
below are broken feet
walking streets weeping
saying, “i’m through it all,
cause i don’t need your tears.”

In the end we look inside a
mirror that tells us lies
so we suffer as god’s children
like gutter’s institutions
so we shut our eyes and pray
“Just save the ones whose
hearts are pure.”
A drink for the horror
and cheers for the apologetic
society who never cried a tear
— but set us aside.

Just save…Just Save…
Just save all the little children
and tell nursery rhymes.

:: 08.17.2022 ::

Twisted Lies Inside Sincere Love

INside this collapsed
the youth
fulMouth of Minds
UGLYsicks spat
yeLL(ow)ed sICK
Upon magicalMETA
sheshapes of Strength
i destroyed their
sheepVoice: -wh
EEling;at who!?,
(the fairy speaking
about that whic
hbubble ssomethin
gabou tlov

:: 08.17.2022 ::