Teenage Bliss and Blood

When the sun goes down and the moon comes up
I find the beast called teenage bliss in blood
Yeah, the full silver light bulb in the night
allows me to drive without headlights at night
Looking for something that is nice to eat, hm
You better duck when I show up
The bliss and blood
from my soul and broken heart
I’m the night living zombie looking for some head
With a way out body underneath that head, oh
Yeah, I’ll get you baby with a mona lisa smile
‘Cause I’m teenage zombie and bliss and blood
You better run when I show up
The bliss and blood, prrrow
Yeah, the city is a jungle and I’m a beast, haha
Ha, I’m a teenage zombie looking for a feast, ouh
Yeah, I want the most but I’ll take the least
‘Cause I’m a bliss and blood zombie and a teenage beast, yeah
You better run when I show up
The bliss and blood, prrrow
The bliss and blood.

:: 04.01.2023 ::

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