As the sun departs and the moon ascends,
I sense the beast of teenage bliss, my friend,
The silver orb of night casts eerie light,
And I roam, unseen, in the inky night.

Seeking a morsel that’s delectable,
Beware, for my arrival is formidable,
From the depths of my soul and broken heart,
I am a living corpse seeking a part.

My visage, a ruse, to lure you in,
For I am a teenage zombie, with a grin,
My prey, like Mona Lisa’s smile, beguiled,
As I, with bliss and blood, am thus styled.

Run, run, when I am on the prowl,
My savage heart yearns for a feast, a howl,
The city, a jungle, and I, the beast,
A teenage fiend, obsessed, unleashed.

I crave the most, but accept the least,
A zombie of blood and bliss, at least,
The hunt is on, and you’re my prey,
My fangs, they gleam, in the light of day.

Oh, the ecstasy of my teenage years,
In blood and bliss, my hunger nears,
For I am a creature of the night,
With teenage bliss and blood, my plight.

:: 04.01.2023 ::

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