Evolution Without Revolution

Come on let’s be peaceful
all along we’re feedng
love and hate today …

How soldiers are preparing
and the world is not aware

Let’s get up and not pretend
And how the creatures of our world
are not aware …

Some say its evolution
but there’s other ways to change
the world beside destruction

revoltion without destruction
we cast out hate! Alright!

We’re alright. Alright.

we’re human animals too
disgusting ! a world of filth!

we’re so stupid and so contagious

we’/re political puppets
pretending we’re human
but let’s not try to kill it
but embrace everything

My beautiful friends our world
has more than lines upon a map
my friends we have much more

Today, i saw a butterfly
she wore a jacket of color
unaware of how her world could die
she pollinated and i felt sad

Giving mankind love without destruction!
Cast it out! Hate!

i am still here | my kind | my sweet
granddaughter we may destroy it all
for differences — and nothing left
but destruction and death

And if I could stop it
I would do so just with a gentle kiss.

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