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Her faith in love was a drowning fisherman
and the blood upon her lips flowing as a muleta.
But her soul as a hearth with brilliant embers
reaching upward forming a dancing vortex.

and the tears, the flowing tears of her eyes shone
brighter than a granted wish of any heart.

“Sing for me my Soul,
that God believe in me!
–hope, that periscope by inkwell
shall show me the land of my own
people that think as me.
That love as me.”

The thunderous voice of Silence
spoke and so it was and so it is!

:: 04-27-2019 ::
e.p.robles (c)


THAT busy noise as Life
i cannot ignore
whose tempo — like chores
belabor all awakened
and beleaguered Souls
the mouths the cities
and machines eating
chewing and spitting
what is left of you
and me // and buried
all of simplicity!

:: 10-10-2018 ::


TO have seen the path beyond the veil, apprehensively
somewhere I have walked, the promise within those eyes
of you and their silence:  the strongest-frail wish
by pursed lips of gesture are things that invite me,
but as perfect as a star too far to have ever touched

and intellect and that beauty and richest soul tells me
you can easily unclose me like the sun to a rose whose
petals are saved by a grand presence of golden light
that if, by chance, my heart has not already made flight
toward the sun in all my delirious wishful needs!

but if (which is a big sounding word “IF”) we choose
to be together like space and time which if i were
that rose would beautifully invite entwined meaning
:to include love — which glues all the scattering
unimaginable pieces of all things into one

i would wish and might and say and sing:

“Marigold!  Marigold!  What richest color that touches
me and my soul!”

:: 07-16-2015 ::


GOD dead
and devil sent
to bed
If your heart’s true
then shall you come
to me within
this heart of mine?
A house built by
my hand-Soul
with the many spacious
rooms of my Spirit:
moves me twirling like
the cyclone in my mind
Sweet lover of my life-
time: come unto my
wonder(all of you)
this be the magic
at last || loving peace/./

:: 07-02-2015 ::


A hit on the head
a thump to the heart
a jump on the start
showed me to let them in

Martin Luther
JFK open the door
Mister Lincoln
you before us

I open the door
and hearts flow
I’ll let them in
and let love flow
march for life yes

Farmer Bill
Sister Suzy
Mister Leonard
Brother Phil

Come on in all
there’s a plan
before the fire
beneath the night

Someone’s knocking
on the door —
do me a favor
and let them in

Sister and brothers
the plant of liberty
is dry — let’s try
bleed dream and cry

:: 03-05-2014 ::


My clover sweet flora
so gently against my eyes
what dream today my green
beneath me a burning hell
above is only deep blue sky
I sing to me a mystery tune
ancient but doves live to fly
a piece of me if you choose
to take a peace of love with you

:: 02-25-2014 ::


THE presence of my anguish
compels the bloodbath of words
singularly slaying convention
rules for sheep within fences

Bind that tongue if you must
conform if you must for peace
but leave the rest for warriors
We sing the song and keep the fire

Liberty comforts the heart-free
the rest bask in uniformity
blood-eye patriot survive for me
bring home my sense of liberty

Sweet precious families sleep
the peace a burden for the strong
upon our backs deliver we must
the future of a free society

:: 01-24-2014 ::


BECAUSE silence knows
— the heart kindred souls
we are…

one to whisper
— sweet nothings
tenderly listens the other

My sweet silence
— come to me
upon calm seas

Encompass thee
that we might sail
toward paradise lands



THE need to break free
from dogma and religion
politics and pseudo civility
leads me to believe
dreaming is a product
and living is the dream
I hope some day to break free
from objects — possessions
to imagine all the people
sharing all the world
where we live as one

Brother and sister
and the animals
and creatures of the sea
some day I hope this
— that you will join me



And what if love
could be given
without fear
or inhibition

and just as easy
to receive —
as loving one another
wouldn’t hearts sing?

And what if love
could be received
without question
or expectation?

To live within a world
without broken hearts
love could thrive
like two close lovers

Lets begin to change
the color of our world
and believe in love
and let it grow…