When feeling reigns supreme,
What matter as rules of syntax it would seem?
Those who obsess over structure and form
Will never truly experience passion’s storm.

Better to be a fool, wholly consumed,
While spring’s vibrant colors are still in bloom.

My blood boils with a fiery passion,
For kisses are the truest expression,
A greater fate than wisdom can provide,
Lady, I swear by all flowers that preside.

Do not shed a tear for what may never be,
For my greatest thoughts pale in comparison to see
Your eyelids flutter, affirming our love’s rightful place,
Together we will navigate life’s surrealist maze.

So laugh, my love, and recline in my arms,
For life is not a mere paragraph of charm,
And death, oh death, I believe to be no mere punctuation mark.

:: 04.23.2023 ::

Poet’s notes:

The poem celebrates passion and emotion over rationality and structure. I, the poet, suggests that those who are obsessed with structure and syntax will never truly experience the full intensity of emotions. Instead, it is better to be consumed by passion, even if it makes one look foolish. I value physical expressions of love, such as kisses, over intellectual pursuits like wisdom. The poem states that death is not the end, as it is not just a mere “punctuation mark.”

Overall, my poem advocates for the importance of living in the moment, experiencing strong emotions, and embracing love, rather than worrying about the rules of language or the uncertainties of life and death.

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