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The curtain hid my fear and ill-intention.
It led by with only a single hole, a reminder!

Then, right there and then even though behind
the curtainS, so wary of the cause:

What was the cost of the pain?

The cost for the life, the life for the key!


So this time i cast aside reason for belief:

Knowing in the seed of life!

oH NO! nOT me! you’re face to face with
the soul who made the world.

Behind the curtain, self loathing became true
and trust, trust, loss for a minute
then forever wound within my mind! For
gazing millions of billions of years
a long long time ago — who knows?

How we killed the, “once I dreamed.”
Said he was the friend of Humanity
and i spoke into his eyes and he
crucified so long ago with the man
who loved the World.

I laughed and shook his hand and said
“My friend, you are so kind.” So so
a long time ago. And watched him die.

:: 07.11.2021 ::


I loved it when alive
and now so cold.
I crave it more,
to be contented
just like me;
if just a breath
it speaks i should
love it like
when it lived.
Until the grave
it buried lay,
in it’s dreams,
and all my tears
i have the key
to unlock the life
that lives in me.
It lives within
a drop of tear.
If I may have it
when it’s dead,
I crave it more
if it speaks.
I should love it
like when it lived.

:: 11-11-2014 ::