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Upon sensual Spring came birds
cacophony of hymns in chirps
was sanctuary from fatigue
of Soul and Mind.
Trees. Flowers.
all of destiny’s needs;
no mouths no lies.
Savior, lying upon the road
with broken bones and torn
lip hung like a cross; His
feet slices, with supernovae
eyes and wavy hair. My arms
reaching toward his lane
as life-traffic bombarded
effort. i am the unworthy
reaching for cosmic purity;
the human wanting to touch
Eternity. Incoherent words,
which i cannot speak here.
Upon sensual Spring came
birds. Their song marking
my Soul and Mind.

:: 05-07-2019 ::


PLEASE sir, take away my eyes
you see the sky’s all wrong
spinning around (whatever i do)
it’s her, Mother Mary crying
upon her knees screaming;

i did it all wrong
and what i’ve done
cannot be undone

whatever i do
whatever i do
whatever i do

it’s all wrong
but all so true

Touched the skin
of a celestial being
just a little thing
changed me
changed the world
begging you take my heart
you see all that the world feels

i feel
i feel
i feel

the sky spinning all around
no matter what i do

:: 01-23-2019 ::


(i could never hide

i am libra
always drawn
toward your pain

allow my tongue
to lick the nectar
of your swollen soul

i am free of your lies
like Jesus not Galba
as a bee i vomit honey

so sweet you want
to die

i am a force un-wrecked
like water flowing through
steel or winter’s fire

i am the golden bee
i am free
i am free

of your lies

if you look into my eyes
what will you see?
no anger just spirit

it’s all you wish to be

more than a smiling face
on social media

i’m a spirit

a golden bee

i’m a spirit
of personality

:: 09-08-2018 ::


Polly say you drank
you’re never bored
upon the south corner
of modern life
on 56th and my heart
so lovely she goes
expressing my feelings
so tried so hard
but I still have
just two more things
to say which I never
thought of before
certainly she gave more
on 56th and the corner
of my heart
just one thing more
thought we were walking
upon the Galilee
Sea with Jesus and
night feel and the sea
arose as a ship my heart
caught within a wind storm
i never had a chance
a stone aged teen love
and Jesus weeps for us

:: 10162015 ::


Before I was confused the lie was on my head
at crossroads for my heart goes out across
the south into the west right upon the stomach
of truth you hold ; i abused, sweet baby
i have no idea where you’ve been // hypnotized
me again (/?)because who wanted it again //
if sometimes my heart stays within your soul
//oh oh ,ah, ah…ah…oh , ah…LIFE is
a lover carrying this soul like flowers
to his woman and i don’t know // a second season
and this message is a mad hatter carrying
suspicious messages, importing the cruelty of roses
and Jesus keeps on crying and the clouds raining
and my skin like the poisonous fragility of ice
newly formed upon an old pool — i am the fire
who grew so low ooh oh. And Jesus keeps on crying
and it’s raining //

:: ;09292015 ::


IF My mumble-stumbled i say
my knees are skinned
i epoch-ed sealing ghosts beneath
the skin of not Less than(
parenthetical braces fucking
piss me off — so sorry)
can Mary spread her legs
without giving Gods to
this world? I hope she tried.
And all my love you seem different
we’re alive and shall be cities
the haunting sound of a sitar
Mary you haunt me cause i wish
i could reach into you to find
love! I wish to eat the woman
who spawned a deity! Oh i,
oh i, oh me oh my! to think
i could find home and love
between the legs of a woman!
all my love you think you’re
different from other girls.
But you’re the same.

:: 08-03-2015 ::


Your Jesus likes
the walking King
on the boulevard
of spiritual dreams
and i licked sticks
like the wooden
cross across life
Oh Mohammad too,
who knows where he’s
taking me — somewhere
I want to be like
my best friend
And religion is a sidewalk
with many souls
walking the path
towards their dreams
of an afterlife
so I’m taking my
best friend
She knows my buttons
pushing love and
all of my life
IT’S where i want to be;
me and my best friend

:: 02-15-2015 ::


If you saw a world
made of love
would the light
destroy your eyes
even if the heart
rejoiced in all
greatness by God
And all the dead
arisen by Grace
to meet loved ones
would the light
destroy your heart

Not if I was one,
like a pebble
in a cold river,
getting by,
by the eddies
of life’s currents

Oh, the heartache
and greatness
just the tip
of a butterfly wing
and the sky above
reaches out to me

And the one who
sold all of this
just a lie —
the price of a soul
all for His glory,
silver for blood.

The Mystery of His Glory.

:: 10-20-2014 ::


Twenty-first century angst beating at the door
and I say who are you, we are me and all together
sliding thumbs across glass of social media device
and we sing a song across ages unknown to lost souls
which way do we go across crossroads in the fog
waiting for the van to come straight jacket-man
take me and you and we and together reality-SEE
oh the tears fall from marshmallow skies-pink
Who said the Pisces fish jumped out of the water
two thousand years it breathed wet air for all
Jesus rode a fin across the water catching men
but now the fish has a dry dirt to learn-walk
Astrological-mumble-jumble jambalaya dish
spice live-give worm-sign spice lives for all
scientific-spiritual hula-loop gyrating groove
Better learn to walk than drown six feet deep
mother universe hold us up just a bit now
grace is good and love is the cream on top

:: 03-11-2014 ::