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i can never tell you how displeased readers

  are by that position    the singular
moment when nothing makes any fucking sense
to them at all  but only to a few brilliant pebbles
that soar across the night canvas unknown
to the dullards of academia
  it is the ONLY reason i write;  to express
self to those very few who HEAR ME.
  the rest are noise and there is no time
for wasting one’s artistry on rigid brains
   and stiff necked human-geese.
Then again, my imagination never demands
  an audience of understanding but more
of an emotional receptivity.
   A slumbering shadowy cloud-vignette
     seeping from a tormented mind onto
   freshly sliced paper cuts.  This is the
color red screaming in a dying ink stroke.
:: 07-21-2017 ::


The little poor boy lost a tooth
and awoke the next light of day
and found a shiny coin of rich
beneath his tattered pillow.
“Mother! Look what I have found!”
“Yes, all is very well, I see the tooth fairy
has visited you of last night!” She smiled at her thin and gaunt little son. A pain cut her beneath her breastbone. She sighed.
“I shall eat a lunch today at school now mother!” And off he went for the day and happier than he had been for quite some time. The evening came and the house was calm and all had retired for the morrow. The sun rose and horror crept over the hills and seeped beneath the door of the tiny dilapidated shack.
“Mother!!! Mother!!! Where is my money! I should have 4 dollars, 25 cents beneath my pillow! ” The boy’s mother ran into the room and saw her poor little boy toothless with crimson hope caked across his pouty lips.

:: 09-02-2014 ::