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simple dreams
if you are going to
dreamland take parsley
,sage and a white candle
and remember those you
left behind:  they were once
the best friends in love
    tell her to meet me outside
by the deep forest green —
express the light and spirit
i once felt when she first kissed
me there.   A scarlet mark upon
my heart and Life which I shall
wear with honor for the true love
of mine.

:: 07.23.2020 ::


i can never tell you how displeased readers

  are by that position    the singular
moment when nothing makes any fucking sense
to them at all  but only to a few brilliant pebbles
that soar across the night canvas unknown
to the dullards of academia
  it is the ONLY reason i write;  to express
self to those very few who HEAR ME.
  the rest are noise and there is no time
for wasting one’s artistry on rigid brains
   and stiff necked human-geese.
Then again, my imagination never demands
  an audience of understanding but more
of an emotional receptivity.
   A slumbering shadowy cloud-vignette
     seeping from a tormented mind onto
   freshly sliced paper cuts.  This is the
color red screaming in a dying ink stroke.
:: 07-21-2017 ::


WELL i am a poet so i got to get drunk
and i invited so many dead poets
i gotta get drunk but no one
alive should ever understand
I see Dickinson and she’s
so out of her element and see
Frost and Cummings
with wolves eyes (spending their
paycheck) and Plath’s working
the kitchen thinking how she
could make the bar-food better
if she made it all blues and i’m
hollering with a passion to never
let her down, Well now, I appreciate
how many famous dead poets gathered
around and i’m just a drunk poet
dancing and hand those reams of prose
and pass them down with a smile
by me and so i know what i’m going
do. So just going to drink another
shot o’whiskey and singing
to the old poets saying, “i’m just
a two-bit drunk but going to make
poetry just fine and brother,
if my words don’t fit I’ve got a tool
to make life true — living a hard
life to adjust my life’ and so
i gotta get drunk to make it true!

:: 11062015 ::


I wanna love just you
can’t refuse just you
and all night long
I’m eternally with you
cornered always
by your tall corpse
near the weeping willow
I wanna kiss you and
make all the boo-boo’s
just go away tonight
Oh just no smooth way
for the thing
all about you
invested everything
and I wanna give you
the love you been a’
missing so dear I take
your hand and my tears
mellifluous missing you
Use my power to revive
the once blooming love
and you gasp telling me
‘what a love and lover,
I’ve been a’ missing you!’

:: 11042015 ::


IN my highness of life —
mowered down lilies
and spoke,
“sheriff, i betrayed
those roots in fear
again, we were friends.”
AND moses gave them
a blow of angel’s weed
like pets getting high
like nature: a whore
silently shinning upon
a tiny tree and i’m the
green leaf
And living is no single
thing daring party seen
i love myself and
never abuse my Soul
just my heart and my head
i’m a leaf within a tree
with a thick trunk and
the deepest roots
heaven moves stars
and i’m so loved by
the soil in my heart
i won’t complain
i won’t complain

:: 10242015 ::


sweet fields of tender lies
so softly shining above me
a bird singing in a moonbeam
tears in eyes and dry lips
wishing while alone
i am so blue i see
others talk about god
but never my own – a pity
so sweet is He he says
‘leave all your worries
behind you’
a sweet soliloquy for
my heart and all tomorrows

:: 09-04-2015 ::


I kissed did_Bursting things
where the sleepyHeart (in myself)
 burned away the fever
of faithless-EyEs
of Individual\BeautyForms

Ephemeral_things-Bursting did,
a paranormalCog-noThing piece
a steam Punk Victor-IAN
fashion Brass-Leather beating!
Beating souls in my flowerPot
of Things and only pepper-Like
dust remains…

:: ~~~ ::


FOREVER nothing
no t hing
just a mixture
of DNA and skin
hahaha __> evil
scientist and
psychiatrist say

” Y E S ! ”

So I reach inside
their skull and show
how well I sit on
the thought of
Mother Universe
Say you are a hater
say I am bacon
Say you like beer
say I am a wineo
we’re all the same!

Manicured lawn
pink flamengo
white picket fence
drive way up to me
inside through my doors
see how life lives
not a tv show dear
the monster skin of life
comes alive!

Say you called the
police and then we smile
all the sane incarcerated
and I have a kit kat bar
so I’m well fed in my heart

:: 06-27-2015 ::


Got a feeling and it hangs upon    the words of thoughts: under
the sheets of my heart
So I say I should turn aside and give you the Nation of my
own heart: when angels weep

I should give up my bag of     living tricks that keeps me
alone. Give her your heart; give me my own soul
And should clouds wrestle me to the ground then fog should
say it’s unfair ~
We are more than enough to fight for the best fight
for life and love and who would defend all?
We all have hearts and some alive and then
the others so bruised
they never beat at all

:: 06-27-2015 ::


Hungry tongue keeps tasting
missing words and I keep writing,
“That that is is that that
is not is not that is it is it not:

So on this hot summer’s day I
threw in commas and spoke with
a fed tongue:

“That that is, is.  That that is not, is not.
That is it, is it not?”

And me and my mouth rejoiced without ever
eating the poisoned apple || God swore
and the devil danced, angels rejoiced
and whores and poor men laughed
like aborted children left inside a gutter

:: 06-20-2015 ::