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a coctail like love
exhilariarting for real
of all human emotions
i say nature’s way
of beautiful — we
let human species live
and if i’m alive
i am so stealing wise
like treating you bad
you bruised my face
i am a freak: feeling
me, our days enticing
never let our brain entice
us to fall in love
i say it’s the tone of voice
99% of wine again , enraptured
around me i need you more
i kiss what i need and thats
just so fine: we need nature’s
beautiful; a way of keeping human
species alive_______surging
dopamine we increase energy
(and never let the sun go by)
it’s a less need for sleep or food,
a focused wheel of where everyone
steals (he treated you so bad)
a delight in smallest details
of this novel relationship
;serotonin i love how you keep
love popping within my brain
seriously: being human is
so romantic! i’m a bad moon
and the sun is more than less
and i digress in simple –so
find:; one of the names
of tragedy: i’m a ghost
of your heart….a ghost\
you comedown.

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