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LIFE, my bequeathed light,
an exasperated breath!
My volcanic lip-heart
flow like wordLust
across your tender
nature’s skin and i,
so much (too hotly)
devour your soil,
the Spring rain came
across my face
and each drop o’ passion
i drankingly sipped
(almost guilt but no!)
The quench of earth
between your wish
fully thigh-dreams,
I feel that fell
into your heart
and washed away all
my stress and fears!

:: 10-30-2014 ::


WE laughed within the wheat
golden field of summer bliss
running like
— youth burned
the feet of our souls

The sun touched my heart
as you laid upon the field
I gave in — nature gave way
the skies fueled passion-gold
and my soul died into you

:: 01/22/2014 ::


‘IF’ — the word of choice
for ‘Us” to be the most
separated by option…

An illusion for confusion
Remove the mind —
and receive the soul

How many lovers stumble
broken syntax in motion
a bruise makes the heart humble