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WHILE words choke when love

for you springs my heart

hush gentle hammer-beat!

Mind full as splash-colored

Fields oh sun! Warmth as passion!

My beloved dearest one.

There across the creek

below the Oak by the root

tulips and stars two lips

as ours — the precious time!

The secrets so sweet as the

twinkle within your

eye my loveliest one!

From one to two now three!

:: 09-16-2018 ::


WHEN the world has stopped
it’s spinning and furious pull
a moment is all I desire
to spend it with you
Each second a precious life
the kisses, such love
— I do!
So kiss me my love
as though there’s no tomorrows
Allow me to love you
— and banish all my sorrow

:: 01-11-2013 ::