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SPUTSUM Lane (that dusty road)

Your brilliance made me puke
but you’re a pretty girl
the nerdy type with glasses

Jets of sputsum! You hopped on
my lap making the wall’s raincoats
rise revealing strange stars, moons,
and planets _ i put on my glasses
(your knees knocking together my ugly
little cute girl) /One day you
opted me The Poet and hopped upon my
lap and forgetting | in the moment i
wrote a poem and did a painting ~~
of stolen hearts, money, planes,
and rusty moments within thorns and
clover and forever memories when the
heart is stone in love.

:: 01.14.2023 ::

Monster Mouth

monster MOUTH eat my Heart
dig it and exterminate me
find me sell me
for your love is it trash
monster Mouth eat my heart
i smell angels jizz on me
and witches lick me
did i say “rock” dying as
you birth the Souls behind
my back and monster MOUTH
comes to me -> do it baby
(you’re acting as an
animal) DRAG drops 21
and devil upon my back

:: 0`1.08.2023 ::

A Hundred Poems – XC – The Art W(h)ORE(E)LD

whilst others are possessed by it!

One is a gift and the other potentially
a fatal disease of spirit and soul.


A Fraction of Theology

(Those who have followed my poetry know there are certain things I have changed. I am devastated by the realization that my understanding has done nothing wrong! The words come. In day as i am awake, in night as I sleep. The poems always flowing. I rarely change anything and especially will NEVER change my mistakes. As I see my own life as a very large mistake; a boy who should never have survived much less been born to deep poverty of intellect).

If this whole affair shall do in my attachment
to family I easily release it only because
my heart is within splendid love.

 To find happiness in Life
to find love in living
i surrender my Life for Love
if loving is the greatest cost
of the tears i spill in Life

How I walk the seashore  hand-in-hand

“How to make you happy in life
without any object in life?”

Well, eventually your strenth will
tell me an impossibility.

“Ask of me.  I only wish a woman to love.”

Well, then.  While the ocean breaks the
shores and the skies move clouds
they watch us — what they say of us?

“They say, we are in deep love my dear.  
The world is in love with a fallen angel
whom loves poetry.”

:: 0.30.2022 ::


FOLDED are the burnt angelic wings, my last heavenly fight where all celestial beings bled
golden blood, and afterward all wines flowed.

Today i pour thankfulness and tears into a chalice older than the rocks i sit upon.

How temporal beings unknowingly acting out the last drama above their heads.

Entrusted sacred Heart i have armed against injustice.

The stage hand chooses the curtain’s openings and closings.

Watching as i remove cosmic dust from my brow many living and nonliving things around
me perish.  Enough!  To manage erasure of hope I nakedly rode the wild beast’s silent
leap to perish all joy.

Hiding behind human skin, how admired and hated.  One of love one of scorn.  Alone, broken,
poor, destituded within a face not living but dead they do not ever see.  A poet once said,
“they won’t kill you any more than if you were a corpse.’
History of incredible folly.  A mind uniquely landscaped by the cosmic bang  i destroy all
understanding of word and stanza, painted the color of vowels!  A beauty, E quisite, I loved, O  you, U nless i am a dreamer dreaming me.  

:: 01.01.2022 ::


I walked inside and touched an eye so glazed — a heart
in a shoe and a foot deranged!

Surprised and a soul screamed,

“it’s so very strange — today!”

An organ grinder fed me lies & bought by nickels and dimes
a bed, unmade, seems like messy paradise —
inside my head, its so strange! For a pure poet and everyone
a caricature of texts, feeds, and blues and hungry mouths kiss me
Towering teeth and soft flesh and A shoe that walks along
a cobblestone street inside an eye so glazed — a heart
in a shoe and a foot deranged!

And hungry mouths kissing me

within the deep future of something called Time!

:: 08-17-2014 ::


flatness__ charged words.
i chashed utterfly
wing : eXPLOSING butter memory
_(ubble Head > — huggly
faceSMEARED tears OF NO
path/ i .AUGH caught
said she/he said shit\
she left: oh no said HE:
the divine i spoke \ i was
that never good| the skin of
my animal … of all these
of all silence and experienced
traveled. How my eyes are fingers
pelted skillfully rolled. Then,
within my heart; to be never without
that fate of a beating drum inside
my chest. A beautiful nature of
round Moon and square Sun sings
as you. Love is that deepest root
of a breathing sky of life/how higher
is glorious wonderous that I carry
this heart.\ I could ponder my poems
professor/ These sharp teeth and carve
eyes as a cat of nine times to die.
How many have tried. Gentlewoman
and ladies.

:: 11.01.2021 ::


The towers by the falls those leaning stalks
gleaming crystal objects are devoured by the calls
whose blinking balking meanings melting neglect
What that stands tall remains forever —

Oh! No thing at all!


Oh boy! How we carry onward and carry weight a long time
i sing blues and watch with the saddest eyes — i could never
send you an invitation toward my world but I carry that weight for
ever and only ask a few moments to read the words my heart
bleeds today.

Every light, every day, every night and i sing to myself:

this youthful life has been such a cold weather oh yea
and i sing,

“it’s alright cause your small smiles return
to the sun everyday — and the sun sun sun feels and knows”

In all my simple poor life i have seen the eyes of dying ones
and some places have others that lived great lifes
in this world: some are good and others remain as echoes
of dead voices but within my life I have loved them all
the same.

But in this blue marble hanging in deep space i think of love
and how we all change forever == some for the best and others
drifting through time without lovers /// some dead — some living \\
but within my Life I love them all.

But of all these friends and lovers there is no one that compares
to you and all these poet’s words : are my life and I love you more.

:: 09.26.2021 ::


I want you to know
one thing. You know how this is: if i look at the crystal moon, at the red branch
of the slow autumn at my window, if i touch near the fire the impalpable ash
or the wrinkled body of the log, everything carries me to you,
as if everything that exists, aromas, light, metals,
were little boats that sail toward those isles of yours that wait for me.
Well, now, if little by little you stop loving me I shall stop loving you little by little.
If suddenly you forget me do not look for me, for I shall already have forgotten you.
If you think it long and mad, the wind of banners that passes through my life,
and you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart where I have roots,
remember that on that day, at that hour, I shall lift my arms and my roots will set off
to seek another land.

But if each day, each hour, you feel that you are destined for me with implacable sweetness,
if each day a flower climbs up to your lips to seek me, ah my love, ah my own,
in me all that fire is repeated, in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten,
my love feeds on your love, beloved, and as long as you live it will be in your arms
without leaving mine.

Those moments when your heart stops beating for me like the moment when I first stepped
on the moon, the time I got a colostomy— those moments are what I treasure most,
the flow of blood in my veins, the enveloping of my heart.
I have been longing since the first night that I spoke to you.

My body had always been content, and had always had the sound of your laughter.
In the first thousand times that I touched your hand, I kept them still.
I could feel my body, I could feel the blood flow, I could even feel my heart pumping,
and still I could not say a word.
And I still do not know why.
Now I always speak. Now I am not content, I feel more pain.
My tears freeze like those on the glass of a window, like tiny crystals of ice.
Now my body is not content, in my mind and heart not in my soul.
Perhaps there are moments when I know that your love for me is more
than I can bear.
Perhaps it is in the hour when I see my life descending,
when I smell the last breath of summer, when the daily walk on the river takes me far from you,
perhaps it is in these moments that I cry for you.
And as long as you hear me, as long as I am alive, my tears are filled with your blood.
Sometimes in my heart, I am so full that I burst, and I think that my heart has come to an end,
and I understand, through my tears, that you are the one who is dearer to me
than I am to myself.

At that moment my heart feels as if I am one of those saplings that have roots in the earth,
and as long as your love does not die, your roots will not die either.
That is the truth. And if the day comes when my roots set off to find you, and your love dies,
my life will come to an end, and I hope that at that moment even if my heart is in pieces,
the sound of your laughter will echo in my mind, and it will say “I remember.”

Nothing in this world can make me happy.
Nothing in this world can calm my fears.
I am never happy. I am always in pain.
I have tried for many years to find the way through the darkness
and the cold, but my soul cannot accept it.
And there is no escape.
I dream of something that will make me happy, and I wake up and find myself with my heart in my hand.
And I can not cry for happiness, and I cannot cry for death.

I cannot cry for the things that I love.
I cannot cry for the things that I have lost.
I cannot cry because I am afraid.
And so I cry, and I weep, and I am weak, and I am so very alone,
but I cry and I weep, because you are not there, and I do not know
what is right.

I have tried to love and to hate, to live and to die, but I cannot understand
or love or hate.

You are not there with me, in my love, in my hate.

You are not there in the sea.
You are not there in the sky.

I walk in a place where no one knows me.
I walk in a place where no one needs me.
I walk in a place where no one can hear me.
I walk in a place where I do not fit,
I walk in a place where I have no place to stay.

But I have so much love, and I have so much pain.

And still, I will not let you go.

You are so near to me, so near.

I cannot run.
I cannot hide.
I will not let you go.
I cannot explain.
I will not explain.
I will not cry.
I will not cry.
I will not cry.

You are not there.
You are there.
You are there.
In my mind.
In my heart.
In my soul.
In my very soul.
You are there, with me.

:: 02.25.2021 ::