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i am held within constant gestation;
  little dots called glyph s –words
swim within my Soul.  L:0ve me if you
will but love me well if you must love
    this is another ‘birth’ and its name
is the subject of this tiny xpreshun
of wurd.

;; 05.13. 2020 ;;


AND one hand clapping against

the shuttered storm cellar doors is

never a reason to deny ability:
like mushroom clouds as falling

tears splatting fragments of

dusted minds – by parched perched

gills of neon fossils; the signs are

here, there, and within the ? of

a hungry-starved dying youth/

/->the ordered degree of chaos!

By opened minds the wheels turn

as curving fanning windmills churn;

Abrasions of mental collisions

As rough as life and art
(and smooth as death and data)

all atheist and scientist know:
who cares if the tree makes a sound
when it dies  AND I say “hello” to

a black void but no reply, ergo:


:: 06-29-2017 ::


/  Hello i met you on the blue line
shared stories & morning coffee
Tokyo is so quiet on Fridays
but she is talking a lot so
Saturdays are like Sunday-
mourning talking-head shows
Hey, did my bones really
hurt you? I tried so hard
to show you I have a split
tongue/brain talking about
every eutrophic thing;
so every blue line
so every little inch
think i’m so boring
eat the sushi tongue
reaching down your throat
cleaning your teeth upon
my skin gives Buddha a
climax of universal thought
kiss the dog
kiss the street lamp
kiss the steps
kiss my head
it’s all angel hair and then
we’re gone //

::; 08-05-2016 ::