A Fraction of Theology

(Those who have followed my poetry know there are certain things I have changed. I am devastated by the realization that my understanding has done nothing wrong! The words come. In day as i am awake, in night as I sleep. The poems always flowing. I rarely change anything and especially will NEVER change my mistakes. As I see my own life as a very large mistake; a boy who should never have survived much less been born to deep poverty of intellect).

If this whole affair shall do in my attachment
to family I easily release it only because
my heart is within splendid love.

 To find happiness in Life
to find love in living
i surrender my Life for Love
if loving is the greatest cost
of the tears i spill in Life

How I walk the seashore  hand-in-hand

“How to make you happy in life
without any object in life?”

Well, eventually your strenth will
tell me an impossibility.

“Ask of me.  I only wish a woman to love.”

Well, then.  While the ocean breaks the
shores and the skies move clouds
they watch us — what they say of us?

“They say, we are in deep love my dear.  
The world is in love with a fallen angel
whom loves poetry.”

:: 0.30.2022 ::

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