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JUST when my heart begins
to rest upon a thought
of you;
a rustling wind dances
with trees upon this night
with me;
and the clouds separate
with beams of moon rain
with us;
our hearts take flight
with the evening flock
of flying wishes
to soar across the
best of hills

:: 07-05-2015 ::


i walk the meadows lovingly
and today chanced upon
a feeling!
and my feet left mortal
ground to fly      away!
toward the skies and
love i chased!
was you, oh! always you!
affection mirrored
in that morning dew
allegiance like the hills
and passion, the river
that never remains still!
that love i chased
always devotion,
it be at least like
nature but so more
like you!

:: 02-19-2015 ::