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THE heart has feet and bravely walks —
Frequently are of no color but all
frequently are of all hurt souls
Frequently are the dreams of all.

My own Spirit
My own screams
My own broken heart

And back to the square
of needing

As often a cranny
Where it used to be-
Shifts the paradigm

And Earth upon Axis turned!
The Council of twelve performed!

:: 12-19-2017


what is love?
a penny
upon the eyes?
Or grand fields
of green and
blue skies.

WHAT is death?
the last breath
wishing love?
or beautiful moments
of life remembering
small pieces of living.

And little feet running
across rice paper
like winds swaying
giant elephant ears
in late Autumn anguish.

Who alive can see these
miraclous moments//
I say a very old soul!

:: 1o2-03-2017 ::

Tomorrow My Prophecy

i heard the drops of rain
falling upon my brain.
the hearing was different
than its feeling;
my thin arms too
felt preternatural
as frogs and fish began
to fill the courtyard.

i imagined smelling memories
of folly idleness;
the thinking was deeper
than the doings.
most eyes closed
with shuttered sight
tomorrow my prophecy
of a better light.

tonight i sleep awake
and tomorrow awake
sleeping for another
moment of delicious

speaks the poet
within my heart.

:: 10-10-2017 ::




being Born is still new:
./       \ON strong wings after long
Rainy throaty days i grew
while wet-horny drops
+died+ seeping into mother
earth and her musty-moisty
soil; the oak’s branch
reached toward Death
(its bark loud & rough)
. the vision of the exotic
Specter too reached out
toward me and bowed while
shedding crimson tears for
my strange Existence.

:: 03-29-2017 ::


i spoke love when she stirred
benign; honey bled through shades
at eleven o’clock so spake i gently
of her
And all of her breath i am painted in color
of pinks and death lily-like white,snow
defamed; disgraced her youth my mistaken
footfall in time
we are unraveling beauty like storm-
clouds bursting –feeding fields
instead of hearts and sympathetic
: the LORD is a stronghold for the
oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble
(Psalms 9:9)

:: 07-27-2015 ::


i cut myself today

upon the thought of
when it is darkest(and
i look up in fear

who sees the reaper,
in drag: it comes to
all of us disguised)

like old familiar ways
so thin like the moon
on waxing days

and the world beats
some say in your head
of course we’ve lived

with how we cling to
our minds  always
sharpest when comes fear

until i feel the familiar
sting that remembers everything
the purple flower’s largest

final air
is what we become my dearest
friend     internal eternal
plunging everywhere untold
of enormous lost dreams

:: 07-18-2015 ::


THAT tear i wish to be
so pure a true drop-see
an innocent expression from me
made peace sad apple bite
my heels; burned in stiletto
but my dress falls neatly
a walk from   here
to –> there
And ageless tears see
each frame-flash desired
a numbWe mySoul be
a l w a y s!
I wish a rain to dance within
just me and cloud-thunder
that only an Eye-God sees
What I am inside always!

:: – ::


AND if you strip away all the words
from all the world’s languages
still there be a way to express fear
and love and hate and pleasure

:: 02-20-2014 ::


MY dearest love the night comes
and dreams beg for my entrance
into their sleep-web this night.
But before I go there are a few
words my heart demands of my soul.
That I wish my tongue would shape
from molten steel a word or two
— an anvil to slice through such
dimness that fails its path between
spirit and lips.
So tonight I can only utter simple
that I love you so…