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Eyeball god in mouth

Ostara?…Dio?…Luna? …

Is light as hunger for colors?

Eros the god of eyes and the hidden feelings
shameful man with erect cock — sighing sex
in his heart — a crack, deep and wide!

Black Hole!

Punk rock for a Black Hole!

Rainbow and jubilee exploded in flood!

Like a porno universe all of our pornographic desires
moments of starving stars and porn stars!

An eyeless god living in a glass tube with hearts
like hot flashes in heat-blasted rooms!
Pulsing pimples — swirling while a midnight sky
brings forth a cacophony of cosmic screams!

More impassioned raw-animal! More barking!
more vibrations — more imminence!

More sinewy limbs on show — penis I’m looking at —
lifeless grey body but voracious pink face!

It licks and whimpers, suckles and sucks!

Shall I become a statue again? — glazed face with eyes
sheers-white in precession of Venus?

Hey! Taint! Milk it!

:: 11.12. 2020 ::


Menagerie — my love

so wild and feral

an exhibition for all


my society — nature

not one born of fear

the beast is true dear


My teeth nibble your ear

and paws, one on your back

the other beneath jaw


Your pelt — African Sahara

I smell and dream of kings


your pride my joy dear

my joy a wet tongue

upon your majestic face


The orange God falls

across the edge of land

we watch together


growl, lick, kiss

nibble, scratch

blissful existence


:: 04-13-2014 :