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I MET the devil wearing a sundress — this day in May
she winked at me in a most persuasive way
and asked if I had change for thirty pieces of silver

being poor I only had my soul to offer — this day

we strolled across the river of Life — I almost fell in
nimble and fast, she caught my  heartstrings — and said:
“never again do that” — and my eyes bled, my heart caught fire

I beg to be devoured by pleasure than wracked by life today…

She loves me as the Libra that I am – so romantic in my ways
I grab onto the drops of her tears — so swept away this sinful day
The giver who never expects a gift in return –if only for love

When doves die do they fly north or south – remain in place I say

Within my body a magnetic heart — attracts and burns some souls
and crows sing the song forgotten for so long as we dance for days
Twilight burns pavement and heals unborn promises this way

Ice cries and fire smiles all the while we wept as humans in life

I met the devil today — she was wearing the mask I lost in childhood
Asking not what I could do for her — she gave a love — unmatched
Burning fields of daisies as we walked thru the countryside by side
the rains came — the skies moaned and asked for flesh and bone today