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WE CAN eat hearts & spit them out
under a bridge & talk of Kafka.

WE can make cupcakes in a spotless kitchen
and weep tears to knees.

IT’S okay only because fish have
no feelings.

How God clipped these wings of Love
Only to burn the World.

With one bad word disease steals
the gift of a miracle:

“Love the planet first then find a cure.”

How God abandoned his plan & may damn us all!

Where will we bury our antibiotic suicide?

How God blessed us & poisoned us with
dogs & hatred ~ how God let Man give us birth &
made man to lose his mind & curse his Maker
& refused our protection to stop evil.

How God was deaf & deaf to Man’s cry.

And the bitches said, ‘It’s everyday.”

:: 05.10.2022 ::

The Imperial Garden

I walk the
Imperial Garden
of Abstract Thoughts


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

ONE fire burned that for another
FIRE consumed an admiration —
God’s gift of gifts to all
that Beethoven adored Mozart
Sixteen age years he traveled
and once within the music room
Mozart, in no mood to meet the boy
— a prodigy like Wolfgang, said:
“Play me something…” — said he
C minior Piano concerto
“No not that, anyone can play!
Let flow what you have written”
and Beethoven did – stroke a fire
Said Mozart, “Stanzi, Stanzi,
one day he will give the world
something to talk about.”

:: 03-22-2014 ::


WHETHER such weeping
soothes an aching heart
that feather-feel upon
the breast so tender
matters for naught

Who knocks but tears
upon your cedar door
surely the reason
nocturnal singing
by Nightingales

Flow-bow wayside my dear
the reed who bends
against torrential winds
but never breaks her stem
romantic hearts eternally burn

:: 12/31/2013 ::