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The Imperial Garden

I walk the
Imperial Garden
of Abstract Thoughts


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

ONE fire burned that for another
FIRE consumed an admiration —
God’s gift of gifts to all
that Beethoven adored Mozart
Sixteen age years he traveled
and once within the music room
Mozart, in no mood to meet the boy
— a prodigy like Wolfgang, said:
“Play me something…” — said he
C minior Piano concerto
“No not that, anyone can play!
Let flow what you have written”
and Beethoven did – stroke a fire
Said Mozart, “Stanzi, Stanzi,
one day he will give the world
something to talk about.”

:: 03-22-2014 ::


WHETHER such weeping
soothes an aching heart
that feather-feel upon
the breast so tender
matters for naught

Who knocks but tears
upon your cedar door
surely the reason
nocturnal singing
by Nightingales

Flow-bow wayside my dear
the reed who bends
against torrential winds
but never breaks her stem
romantic hearts eternally burn

:: 12/31/2013 ::