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NOW      SLEEPING  as time tik-toks by
my — shoulder hurts like bleeding eyes
upon my Idol of Christ  so my face is numb
so here we go /crock cooking human spine:
my senses go into delirium and now i go
My vacation is a skull inside a dry mouth
oh now //we go so we sing alone
\i try Mouth> dryfully is anyone else
entirely (sexy sings more suddendy  than)
whose tiniest delirium smiles? may Be gigger
big than scope __>figgers: face so numb
inside my room. Hidden him in a closet
closed in my shroom. A of point of delirium.

What, ?  that beast i heard screaming
in the night.  A woman or fox weeping
in her heat?  

:: 11.11.2021 ::


DID you see that girl in the corner? Next to the books and coffee beans? Coughing i only smelled the aroma of brilliant coffee like old pages of a book of poetry sleeping. I felt warm and could never look away
so-bent warning (traveling this far) better to say i’m sentimental___(going through my head amour than this feeling flutter-flying butter pie. Dropping me to the wooden floor like a devil to it’s knees.
Parapluie above my head (oh my) a heart of paupiette yea oh yea. All these doors checked ; locked kitchen quiet and dark / dishes washed: pets fed and plants watered.

Oh romanichel heart. For the world.

Swollen lips – un bisou! She (the one who loves me and does not have a physical body) gave: sa suce!

:: 11.11.2021 ::


WITHIN the hands
of my love\forever love
So i express
it’s my love every
where dear — oh how
it’s understood
And when we pinch
money to live ; it’s
our love understood
how i love my love.
AND WHEN the cold comes
in seasons my love warms
me as love should.
Oh, my love and only my
love holds the key
to me.

:: 1.07.2021 ::


i eat love and flotsam and hear how heat burns___ my love
i want you like a crab needs sand and water
…come here ocean love My King you deceive me –===
can’t you hear my love burst || i want you like
a tree need sun’s shine///
can’t you hear my love burst? Won’t you hear my
love won’t you hear me burst?
I want you like a heart needs her beats –won’t you
hear my love burst?
Insect fly & dead path.
gives me a purple heart love
heart burst inside all of me.


the most beautiful art
is the lung expressing
air to the vocal chords
then magic happens


I am miserably prolific /mean butterfly eating my insides\
my writings less agreeable than my dreams:  no fun ||| ate
mud [check]  ate my own heart [check] stood up when i
should have stood down [check]
  wept and cried [x]
danced and went hysterically comical but carried the dead
child which was once me inside as the crowd laughed.
  And for ENCORE?  Doing it all over would be pure
poetic MADNESS!  /

i gave all my laughs and tears and guts whether sane
or madness creeps inside but bless who you are and for
the song you sing but no more___for all those hearts of everyone
a star burns out and others explode;  bless your hearts.

AND the claws of monstrous reality pulls me back into my head.

:: 11.05.2021 ::


You can have everything
once you throw it all away
you can bring flowers
to your funeral if you never die
(like fruit cake)

Miss the train to everywhere
to travel the whole world
separate heaven and earth
to enjoy them both

You can bridge the gaps
to close the veil between
the worlds to cross over
and to meet your confessor
before you meet your doctor.

So stay fascinated with ideas
of love if you’ve never experienced
it truly — and lick the moon,
taste the air and rise to eat the sun.

:: 10.31.2021 ::


NATURE states what natural beings
do -=-

that season of pause

between sunrise sunsets, & lastly come?

the tending of maturity’s

:a role berates the youthfulness

of life, then takes a toll

and overworked/ i know i know\

not of spirit but body!

My dying soul.

:: 04-04-2014 ::


Love is more than art

it is The sensation.

A feeling of being,

where even when we

all can cry!


A piece of the sky  _
          ate my heart
in silence oh no mother    yes, everynight.
i was always born left of wrong and further into
this ever-night of howling moon.  No matter what i do___
and the river loaded with questions and babbling brooks
speak, “if you’re dead too love me too.”
I’m going up and going down and screaming love for life
and tearing at my brains — oh, my memories kill.
How my body died before i was born __ how my wings melted
falling down toward Earth and wondering why oh why
did i ever fall here upon the small rock called Earth?
Oh.  Yes, a piece of the sky ate my heart in silence.

:: 10.29.2021 ::