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Butterfly Few Ing

butterfly   flewing
serene immediate romance
whose vast function being
tenderness (believably
small) –fed babies eyes
grasping perpetually acruise
of yessing mouthing proto-
words learning life
butterfly landing
of handpicked glory by god
upon her skin thrill’d
mechanically vicariously
ughhug wind-kissing palm
her muchMouthed way.

:: 04.12.2022 ::

All the Flowers Died That Day

WATCHED the clock upon the wall and how it’s hands shook me.
It has been years since you left me.

I watch the skies wondering
if the clouds speak to me.

Oh since that moment when the ground fell apart
i felt there’s nothing oh nothing
that can make me feel better
like a river under a bridge
without sure footing /

It’s been several days \ since i touched
the fabric of your favorite dress
and how life took you away
and now that you’re gone there’s nothing
i want any longer.

If i had a pet, that dog would cry
cause there’s nothing to fill this void.

Got the call at the doorstep
when the police came giving me the
death sentence of where life went wrong.

i placed my arms around the trooper
weeping saying, “I went to the drug store
and she went for a jog.”

“Nothing compares to a deep pain without
a remedy sir.” Said the officer with a tear
in his eyes.

I drew away.

It’s been so long without you here.
I console myself with a ringing song
inside my heart telling me, “Where did
life go wrong?”

This lonely tears falling singing, “why did life go wrong?”

Well, it’s just life. And another knock upon
the door but just another fool ~~ i opened
it and saw someone with brilliant light
telling me there’s more to life and just wait
just wait you will see son.

:: 07.07.2022 ::

I drew away.

Jesus, I drew away. All the flowers she planted
in the backyard have died. But I will give it
another try but never with Love. Dear. Never.

:: 07.07.2020 ::

Moth Balls In Drawers

LOST dreams slide insensibly toward madness of dreams — you close your eyes
shut your wooden windows to life ~~ your dialated eyes drowing in a violent ocean.

Mister, you forgot your hat but now days no one wears them good day Sir.

Oh, froth from your mouth falls pouring the overflow of your head without moorings
of your paralyzed tongue. How you got me thinking, “wasting my time.”

Outside your heart the citizens of a lost world await tensed up toward your hallucinations.

You let me down.

If we had a world of our own, everything would be nonsense ~~~ so way way down inside

Curiouser and curiouser! Rabbits and Cats oh whoo!

We were fooling then like double death swift dying of mingled breath an evaporation of unknown
strange perfume between souls in a naked room called Love ~~

a telephone.

And still I ask are you the same? How are you feeling? Don’t you realize the things we
talked about like dreams — i’d brush summer by with half my smile so half spurn.

Housewives do, a Fly they do like black magic.

If i look into the skies I could with you within a year. I’d wind months into balls and put them
separted into drawers by centuries, delayed.

Subtracting, wondering why (that you were mine, I was never yours in time-twilight) i’d toss it yonder, like a defunct mind and choose Eternity.

Okay. So you never answered and I let it ring a bit longer.

Like the shadows of forevermore that will not speak, “it stings.”

Oh wap doo duh hop no side dreams between telephone lines.

Oh, hot wax on my third eye it left a mark ~~ it’s how I knew I could have loved you.

:: 07.07.2022 ::

Breaking My Heart

I want to hear your voice in my mind as you claim me.

Claim me.

I want to taste you.

Taste me, too.

I want you to feed me. The power that lies within my mouth is the power I will employ to make you scream.


I want to possess you.
I want to bring you to the edge.
But you won’t let me; you’re in a hurry,
so you push me away with your arrogant smirk.

With your arrogant winking as you take another free-hand
with your fingers, ’cause you’re like that.

I want to be on the receiving end.
I want to give it all to you.
I want to be grateful.
I want to regret.
I want to be satisfied.

There you are again wandering through my dreams,
haunting me, making me helpless to resist.

I want to see you again making me wild, shooting through my body.

Letting me know, listening to me scream and cry for more.

I want to feel you again.
I want to own you.
I want to feel your teeth on my breast.
I want to see you again close to my flesh,
your hair piled high in a manner you have perfected.

I want you to have your way.
I want to feel you again.
I want to fuck you once more,
but this time I want you to be mine till the end of time.

I want to savour it. Till the moment we enter my womb
and know, with our blood, that we are a mother and a father

I want to see the vastness of our love in the walls of our home.

I want to see it, know that we are a family.

Until there is nothing more.

:: 07.07.2022 ::

Tears No More

Flee from the mountains of sadness, flee from what bleeds with tears, the sea of tears, of which the precious earth frequently raises her skirt to pour out the fire from her heart.

O, when the winds set the sea upon fire and rips apart the garments of the sun, when fearful tides mingle into froth and face the dead corpses of the sea, when the hands of night rend the stars O, then shall I pity men!

Behold, man! Here God shall hearken, and when he hears our prayer, he shall restore both our health and our strength.

Should God restore our health, we shall cast aside the blame of the night’s tears, and the blame of the sea’s lamentations, and weep no more, for we shall be restored to our beloved.

Should he restore our strength, then will our sorrow properly vanish I will not languish in the ocean of tears, nor the barren rocks in the seas of sorrow, for we shall now be given back our health, and our strength, and our health, and love.

Let him restore us now, if he can, to the old climate of joy and the old climate of sorrow, and then I will weep no more, and shall not make this complaint:

that He, that is God, has forgotten us.

:: 07.07.2022 ::


O no, though flames come bowing from heaven,
if my objects should vanish, cool sea’s surrender
should somehow dismember my dreams
my green branches shall grow not over misty mountains,
as clouds that before the wild thunder fly, but rather
within obscuring clouds, where lightning play
is never quick, nor brightness destroys.

O no! I will henceforth think with clarity,
and question with boldness, and speak my love
with courage to match my love: this much i do even
now — Love.

:: 07.05.2022 ::

As Before Then Again

As before then again after marriage
of true hearts / i have given all \
when alters as alteration finds
or disbelieves whilst my heart bleeds
to believe / bends bewildering curves
of thoughts: O no! not as ever-fixed mark
which cut memories across minds…
and Love spent across priceless time
as time is no fool, that youth consumes
unimaginable errors forgotten in age :
to bear it even out into doom___
as scribe’s writ and error proved
i never approved.

:: 07.05.2022 ::

A Hundred Poems – XCIX – Feathers & Pennies

I followed a      


a       l  

   l    i    

   n    g


toward the ground along the twist  

 -ing-twirl    -ing >dizzy<       | path |

I found a penny which held no thoughts together the feather and copper bone

fell upon an anvil cloud of striking stone!

:: 08-05-2014 ::

Then Shall I Knell

Now listen to me, my Lover; is there love as sweet as love this?
Then lo! wither thou art, there in that far wall
a single flower is frozen, and through the hole is a voice.

See her pretty breast, whereon there kisses I beat,
till from the wall I hear her song on the steps.

Is it I?—no, but it’s my own.

I have never known thy love;
I have never said that I loved thee;
But now the walls that kept her apart
have let me in, and I can say it.

At the sight of it all
the tender thoughts of love
of that sad flower
Come and they tread
Upon the blooming thoughts of me.

Now I hold the flower,
and play with her rosy lips;
I kiss the blade of thorns,
I seize the stem,
and press my lips against the petal.

It is not my flower, it is not my love;
It is but her sadness and her grief.

I hold it and let it go.
We are equal in tears:
And this sad flower
When it is once freed
Shall come and say
How sad she was!

Again I kiss her stem,
And pass from the courtyard.

And then shall I knell.

:: 07.05.2022 ::

Strange Claims Adjuster

My Sweet Lover of ages / the Strange Claims Adjuster
of mysterious poses \ within a world so cold
making pink ice cream ponies,
How we scream sometimes at each other and spit in
the frozen air /touch me if you will upon my stomach
where all butterflies are tied
up \ —-> i met the corner
with the skin of my soft hip
and sanguinolency masterbation
spread outward into the castle
where we went || deep inside
the body of our MIND
ABYSSOPELAGIC lust! Oh okay,
the next morning we went hunting
(after that funky time) for panacea.

She took me within her arms with
more than two eyes burning inside
(the lights went out) I fed her
special green grass and she sang,
“Taradiddle” oh wicked __ nikki.

I spoke a word, “
Mercy” but i could never buy my
Life back with any money ||

Kisses mellifluous while watching
syzygy align!~ We grind.

:: 07.03.2022 ::