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A tongue like Excalibur melts into mythically steeled words
and ends up tearing hearts with all its magical properties.
Then the universe collapses into a final ending with nothing
left but the, “no thing.” It continues to breath and all words
move forward as zombied penguins with many semicolons standing
whimsically awaiting the next coherent thought.

And the deep dreamer asks, “So let me get this straight Jack”
to the Police Doctor on hand. “You want me to take my pencil
and right every wrong for those patients in the mechanical
ward of broken minds?” Just then a portal opens at the foot
of the deep dreamer’s mouth and the little blue clothed
munchkins drag him out of the ward and into a bread truck
and say, “You’re coming with us to settle a bet.”

The bread smells a wonderful Jesus-like body but there’s
no blood-wine to go with the screams.

:: 03-10-2018 ::


MEMORIES are so bitter sweet
  AND i don’t give a DAMN about tomorrows!
  But just for today, that yesterday was long
as memories are a longer passage of pain and time.
   To look at my arms and chest is to see
the turmoil of a sad soul~ one whom i love so much!
  Forgive yourself (the bruises and bites shall heal)
and i’m just fine save for a shadow upon my heart!
so am i standing upon the soil or 6 feet deep?
His fists were furious
and his brain offline.
But there, still a beating
heart and a Soul to Save!
:: 01-05-2017 ::
   E.P. ROBLES (c)