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Creep. Inch-Crawl here.
Thrum’p dead weight slide
Join-locked SNAPPED
knee raised /
<FOOT) swoop goes
that beast down the alley
of arrow needs || caused my eyes
to hemorrhage S h at tereD my
heart & MIND. Threw away UP
over and beyond hope @shameless
@ erased existenz am i — YES.

:: 10-05-2018 ::


A tongue like Excalibur melts into mythically steeled words
and ends up tearing hearts with all its magical properties.
Then the universe collapses into a final ending with nothing
left but the, “no thing.” It continues to breath and all words
move forward as zombied penguins with many semicolons standing
whimsically awaiting the next coherent thought.

And the deep dreamer asks, “So let me get this straight Jack”
to the Police Doctor on hand. “You want me to take my pencil
and right every wrong for those patients in the mechanical
ward of broken minds?” Just then a portal opens at the foot
of the deep dreamer’s mouth and the little blue clothed
munchkins drag him out of the ward and into a bread truck
and say, “You’re coming with us to settle a bet.”

The bread smells a wonderful Jesus-like body but there’s
no blood-wine to go with the screams.

:: 03-10-2018 ::

The Screaming Rose

I’d never heard a rose

scream then again

one never spoke to me

She’d lost her petals 

of her Spring by when

her season changed

where is my love! Beyond

the valley-sorrow awash

over hills o’blue!

is when I heard

a rose scream

all her red upon the ground

and just but thorns

and wilted stem 

screaming, “woe is me!” 

:: 03-16-2015 ::


i cried and
the rain covered
my tears
and the thunder masked
my screams
and i hated being
so human

:: 01-24-2015 ::