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Hemingway, i smell your cigars
like when you had a friend
shoot a cigarette out your mouth
so i smell what you are
words burning sheets of
paper like i hate me and so like my heart –>
Emily Dickinson; weed dipped in alcohol
made bees buzz your brain
plus heroin caused
time to freeze so that carriage of death
would stop for you And I’m the lonely one
who knows it hates my untouched soul
i leave it for the angels who should rape me
and take my soul into their den!

:: 03-28-2015 ::
i moved somethang around


break my heart
I’ll be back again
Cause I once said goodbye
But I love you so much
Because I said once goodbye

So You, I love you
i’m the one who
has many things
to do
But I won’t pretend
I thought you realized
if I ran away from you
I’d come back again!

So, I love you so
the one that loves you
And you have better things
to do — to break my heart
once again.

I’m not trying to pretend
that if I ran away from you
I’d have a surprise– never
knew you’d break my heart
— I wanna go but hate to
leave you; hate to leave you

But if I run away from you
you come — the one who has
many things to do
this time I’m not trying
to pretend and I hate to
leave you– if you break
my heart I’ll be back again.

:: 12-21-2017 ::


I’m all out of hope
just one more jolt
to bring the fall
When I’m thinking
of my home so far
away it’s so easy
to disbelieve

It’s all a heart
without a face

Listen to my voice;
spent so much time
My words are so sad;
makes love true
It’s all a heart
without you
And when I am
so far away
tell me it’s easy
to deceive

A heart without a face
A heart without a face
Till you embrace

I’ve dreamed so many truths
I’ve dreamed so many you’s
I’ve spent so much time

To keep the dream alive

That’s what makes me sad
Trying to make it true
A heart without a face
A heart without a face

I’m about you.

And all hearts have face
And all faces fear
to embrace.

:: 12-19-2017 ::


i looked outside my sad window
and ate a piece of my heart
; felt the cold through the glass
window of this old home.
bidding time biting nails
and hear the bell tower at
6 pm — everything but you
So i called my mother – she was
out painting colors like
the sky at sunset so i put
upon my flesh (the raincoat)
from the pouring rain
Everything but you
Bit the upper flesh of my lip
and tucked inside my heart
from all the pain all the pain
— and I know dear, you love me;
you were meant for me and I for you;

I stood within the vast emtipness
of a field; shed the poison of
hurt and tramau and knelled inside
the mud and frozen dirt. If not
for my human form I could be just
the brilliant light within my Soul
; and if you failed to notice,
if you failed to see — love deserves
more than foolish games; word play,
terrible stares; horrible words.

:: 12-01-2017 ::


Deep inside my mind
simply within my dreams
Who let the stars fall
down upon my head ?
All I was and am —
all we are when loved
//the heat and cold\\
a traveler of love
and hate — all revealed.

Take my hand and kiss
all of my tongues —
building towns and cities
–oh, oh…it’s clear
oh…oh… so simple!

Lady upon the white horse
naked and pure: oooh!
baby, I’m applying –\
no denying | oh!
ooooh! Yeah! I smell
the cherries upon the
Spring leaf of your thighs
–Oh! And all I see is
love — and the moon sunk

Come on, come on come one
As I see this razor land
can I find — can I find
Can I find yooooooooou

This story like time releases
me — a desert dream // a
minute within kasmire dream
a soft sikly four wind-sail
and no provision//just oh oh
just a deep dream deep dream

:: 11-29-2017 ::


WHERE love stood i was hiding
(beneath the briar within
the wilderness)
And my heart was that cloud
safely looking toward the
soft soil of our commitment.

I was the body: hid beneath
a tunnel and the light of love
flew — fled from me, and this
night has never seen sun nor
skin or lips kissing as ours
did that time I died.

This body of my woman; the
essence of romantic poetry and
your voice higher beauty
than angelic voice!
This written in deepest despair;
my thirst, my untethered desire,
my heavy load in this life!
My eternal ache,and I hear the
river of life — where this
infinite thirst does flow!

:: 11-18-2017 ::